Wonderful Öland

The amazing island of Öland is the smallest traditional province of Sweden. Öland is the second largest island of Sweden. It is located in the Baltic Sea and is connected to Kalmar and the famous Öland Bridge. The area is famous for its historical values, beautiful church and famous restaurants where you can enjoy the meals from around the world. Apart from Borgholm, the main attraction in Öland is the Långe Jan lighthouse.


The evidence of habitation in Öland goes all the way back to 6000BC. You will find many pieces of evidence of the habitats of the Iron Age, Viking age, and Stone Ships and much more. You might have come across the myth of the Viking-age silver and medallion. These antique pieces have been kept safe in the Öland Museum.


The cultural values of Öland go back to the Borgholm castle that was built in the arcane reign of Queen Hedvig. Visiting the area you might also come across many old windmills that were built in the 17th century has been preserved as the heritage of the area.

Some of the famous churches you will find here are:

Högby church:

This church was originally built in the middle age, 12th century but it was replaced with a modern structure in the 19th century. The church is famous for preserving the altarpieces if Mary and Saint Peter from the 15th century and the triumphal cross of circa 1500.

Gårdslösa church:

It is also a historic church from the 11th century and its legendary runestone is still present. The church has a unique interior and exterior structure. It is also famous as the wedding of Princess Margaretha and John Ambler was held here.


Some of the famous eating places you will find in Borgholm are:

  • Trädgårdsgatan 26
  • Slottshöjden
  • Marinan
  • Dockside strand hotel
  • Carlas café

Långe Jan

It is one of the famous and tallest lighthouses in Sweden. The Russian prisoner of war built the old chapel tower. After the construction period of two years, it was first lit on 1st November. You will defiantly love the summertime view from the top of the Långe Jan lighthouse.

If you are planning to visit Öland anytime soon make sure to visit all the historical, cultural sites and Långe Jan. Do not forget to try the famous dishes you will find in the restaurants of Borgholm. You won’t be disappointed.

Health benefits of Resveratrol supplements

Resveratrol supplements have been made famous after scientists revealed that the chemical derived majorly from Japanese knotweed contains anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. The substance is contained in red wine but has been subsequently used as a primary ingredient in nutritional supplements.

In addition to being an anti-inflammatory chemical, resveratrol has also been discovered to help in the reduction of the blood sugar level in the body even as it helps to normalize blood pressure.

Some of the other important benefits of resveratrol supplements are briefly highlighted below.

  • It helps the body to fight diseases that have been attributed to lifestyle. They include cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. When you take resveratrol supplements regularly especially while you are young, the risk of getting these diseases is reduced significantly.
  • Higher doses of resveratrol have been discovered to help counteract with death and damage of cells in the brain and the heart. This according to studies can contribute to increasing your life span.
  • It has been found to help protect the arteries. Resveratrol is also an effective antioxidant and inflammation damper.
  • While taking the supplement in high doses might help increase your life span, small doses of resveratrol supplements can have the same effect as a low-calorie diet.
  • Having the supplement is small quantity can also help to slow the aging process – women will be very interested in this.
  • The substance has been found to be anti-cancerous has it prevents the growth of the cells. It has also been found to be an effective prevention for breast cancer.
  • A sound and healthy cardiovascular system is probably the last of the major benefits derived from the consumption of resveratrol supplements.

Health experts have  suggested that the daily intake of the supplement should be between 30 and 50 mg. It is also worth noting that even as resveratrol has been found in most red wines, the nutritional supplements are better options.

Tourism in Blekinge, The Garden of Sweden


The historical province Blekinge with nearly 3,000 square kilometers in southern Sweden is one of the smallest in the entire country. In the north, the border runs to Smaland and Skane (Scania) in the west. In the south and east the province borders beautiful coastlines with picturesque archipelagos.


Blekinge in Sweden

With approximately 152,000 inhabitants Blekinge not always belonged to Sweden, but was as well as the provinces of Skane and Halland until 1658 in Danish hands. Capital of the province is Karlskrona, which doubles as the third largest city of Sweden. Other important cities are Karlshamn, Solvesborg, Olofstrom and Ronneby. Both Karlskrona and Karlshamn are since the 17th century port cities, which represent important bases for the Swedish navy. Even for trade, both cities have become indispensable.


Holiday & Travel in Blekinge

Blekinge is a typical Swedish province, small fishing villages on the coast, lakes and especially many archipelago induce year many tourists to spend their holidays there. The typical Swedish red wooden houses not only give residents of Blekinge a sunny home. They are also cozy cottages and inns for visitors from all over the world.

The idyll in the countryside can relax stressed city dwellers and offers pure relaxation. The rivers Lyckebyan, Ronnebyan and Morrumsan are suitable for short or long trips on the water.

Fishing and water sports can be practice or learn both in the Baltic Sea as well as in the many inland waters. Courses for or guided hikes are offered throughout the province and can be booked online or on site. Golfers, as everywhere in Sweden, can access a large selection of beautiful golf courses in the countryside or in the city.

The cities in the province, with its many pedestrian areas are a great way to get to know the respective city life for a walk or shopping. Who is not so good on foot, can borrow a bike and explore nature, cities and area while cycling for themselves.

Music lovers should take note of summer months; there are usually many summer festivals.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate and the health benefits have been trending for years now and expectedly, people have loved the topic. The American Heart Association has reported that the benefits that have been attributed to the consumption of dark chocolates are real and studies have shown that having it in moderation can actually help to reduce the risk of heart failure.

The major question, however, borders around the amount of dark chocolate to consume. It is important to note as stated earlier that dark chocolate should be consumed in moderation, as the benefits of its consumption should not outweigh the dangers of having too many calories in your body. While active adults that lead active and healthy lifestyles might be able to handle more than 16 grams of saturated fat daily, the sedentary ones are advised not to go beyond this limit. You, therefore, want to tailor your consumption of dark chocolate according to your lifestyle. The idea that saturated fat is bad might on the other hand be a myth. Most research today indicates that fat as a problem is a myth from bad science. The real culprit is probably empty calories and sugars. Prominent culture also points out gluten and wheat as the real problems. However, as long as fanatics in mainstream science continue to promote “the diet hard”-hypothesis facts might be less important than tradition.

Benefits of consuming dark chocolate:


Dark chocolate has been identified to be beneficial to the heart especially as it help to improve blood flow and subsequently reduces the risk of blood clots. The presence of flavonoids in dark chocolate has been revealed to help protect the cells from free radicals, lower blood pressure, and reduce the level of cholesterol in the body by up to ten percent. Reducing cholesterol is “mainstream science” that could be a red herring.


As the consumption of dark chocolate improves blood flow, this also affects the brain as it helps to boost alertness and performance for up to three hours. The release of endorphins feeds the brain with positive information, which helps to form new memories.


Phenylethylamine otherwise known as PEA is contained in dark chocolate. The chemical is responsible for the “love” sensation that you feel as it encourages the release of serotonin and endorphins hormones that relieves the body of stress and improves the mood.

Other benefits that you get from taking dark chocolate in moderation are that it helps to control your blood sugar and protects the skin from the damage from the sun.

Eating chocolate does not have the ethical side-effects as killing animals or promoting monoculture crops has. At least if you buy the right kind of dark chocolate. There is no need to enslave poor workers and cut down the rainforest to get the health benefits of dark chocolates.