The best tourist attractions in Sweden

The best tourist attractions in Sweden

Sweden can be considered as a paradise among travelers. In fact, Sweden is a country that has got thousands of acres of forests, crystal clean water and air, and an excellent public transportation system. Here is a list of the best tourist attractions that you can see in Sweden. If you are planning to go on a trip to Sweden, it is a must to go and experience these destinations from your own eyes.

  1. River Mörrum, Blekinge

The 185km long Mörrum River, which is located in Blekinge, is extremely popular for salmon fishing. All the required facilities are being provided for the people who are interested in fishing at this river. A lot of new fishing stretches were also introduced during the past decade for the convenience of tourists. However, people who visit River Mörrum for salmon fishing will need to obtain a permit in order to engage with their fishing activities.

  1. Liseberg Amusement Park, Gothenburg

More than three million people visit Liseberg Amusement Park per year. It offers a variety of activities and there is something for everyone to take part and enjoy. The most popular children’s activities that can be found in this park include four roller coasters, bumper cars, adrenaline pumping rides and a fairy tale castle. A variety of concerts are being organized in this park throughout the summer. On the other hand, it offers an amazing market during the Christmas season.

  1. Botanical Gardens, Gothenburg

The Botanical Gardens in Gothenburg spans across 430 acres and it can be considered as one of the best places available in Sweden for the people to get closer to the nature. A considerable percentage of the area of this botanical garden has been declared as a nature reserve.  You can find 40 acres of gardens in here, which has given life to more than 16,000 cultivars and plants. It would take a couple of days for you to visit and explore each and every attraction of this botanical garden.

  1. Fairytale Drottningholm Palace, Lovo

Fairytale Drottningholm Palace is located in the island of Lovo and it has been declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Tourists will need to take a boat from Stockholm in order to visit this island. It would take about 45 minutes to visit the island. The Fairytale Drottningholm Palace has been constructed back in 17th century and now it is the official residents of the Royal Family in Sweden. During the journey to Fairytale Drottningholm Palace, it is also possible to pay a visit to the Theatre Museum and see how it has evolved along with time.

  1. Vasa Museum, Stockholm

Vasa Museum can be considered as the most popular museum that can be found in Sweden. It has been identified that about one million people visit this museum per year. The Vasa battle ship, which was considered as the pride of Swedish Imperial fleet sank during 1628 and tourists can get more information about it by visiting this museum.


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  1. I’m glad I found this post post. I’m planning to visit Sweden next month and I will probably be there for 3 days. I’d like to know the possibly of visiting the above mentioned tourist sites withing these 3 days. I await your response ASAP. Thanks.



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