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American Lottowinners

It is always the dream of every lotto player to become a lotto winner. There are many benefits of winning any jackpot. In America, lotto winners have transformed their lives in line with the American dream.

According to Bunky Bartlet, the 2007 jackpot winner, winning a lottery jackpot is the best thing that can happen to a person’s life. When he won the $32.6 million lottery in 2007, Bunky knew immediately that this would change his lifestyle.

Is a lottery usually expected?

Within days after winning the lottery, he told news outlets that a Tarot card preceded his win telling him to slow down and put much focus on his spirituality. Therefore, we can conclusively say that his win was expected since it is the lottery win that could emancipate him to focus on what he loves most, that which builds his spirituality.

How he received the news

In most cases, winners of mega jackpots usually take weeks before claiming their prize. However, Bunky claimed his prize immediately. Carole Everett, the Maryland Lottery spokeswoman said that Bunky was a rare winner for he went public immediately after winning. He even went to the media before contacting the lottery company.

Spending the lottery money

One of the greatest challenges a lottery winner has is spending the money. Lottery money is usually big for a person to think right. More often, the first investment decision that a lottery winner makes is usually wrong and works to blow up a huge part of his money. Bunky made an investment in Mystickal Voyag. However, just months after making this investment option, the U.S. financial markets collapsed making the business to go down.

However, despite the mistakes made, Bunky still has over $15 million in the bank. The remainder of his money can help him redeem himself and make other informed investment decisions, probably from a professional advice.

Beach Volleyball in Dominican Republic

As a country in the Caribbean region, Dominican Republic is known for its unique lifestyle. It is for this reason that the country does well in interesting sports such as beach volleyball. With many beaches in the country, this game simply has to be popular.

The success of beach volleyball as a game has been very instrumental in boosting the country’s economy in different ways. Firstly, players of beach volleyball in the country have been able to market the country at the international front making Dominican Republic a respectable county in the world.

Prolific Beach Volleyball Players

Beach volleyball is a popular game in the Dominican Republic and many people enjoy playing this game. However, there are notable players who have contributed to the success of this game in the global view. A few are listed here.

Francisco Abreu Lopez

As a beach volleyball player, Lopez has represented his country in a number of competitions including the 2006 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Continental Championship where he partnered with Juan Antonio Pozo and clinched the 4th position.

Rosa Medrano

Born in 1985, Medrano is a female beach volleyball player who has represented the Dominican Republic. In 2006, she won silver medal at the National Championship and represented her country in the 2006 Central American and Caribbean Games where she and her partner Margarita Suero finished in 6th position.

Yewddys Perez

Perez is also an accomplished beach volleyball player in Dominican Republic who has participated in a number of international competitions representing his native country. He partnered with Charlin Vargas to represent Dominican Republic at the 2006 NORCECA Men’s Beach Volleyball Continental Championship.

Together with Juan Antonio Pozo, he competed at the 2007 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit.

Juan Antonio Pozo

Pozo is a name to reckon with in Dominican Republic’s beach volleyball. He has partnered with other players such as Perez and Lopez to represent Dominican Republic.

The mentioned players are among the top players of beach volleyball in Dominican Republic who have worked hard to promote the country beyond its borders. Of course, many other great players have made immense contributions in the Dominican Republic Beach Volleyball.

Also watch out for Federico Arias-Yilo who currently resides in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Dominican Republic: The Economy and Tourist Attractions

As the 9th largest economy in Latin America, Dominican Republic is one of the fastest growing economies in the region. Though agriculture remains as the primary industry boosting the economy, the service industry is also picking up quite fast thanks to the growth in tourism.

As a country with stunning mountain scenery, attractive beaches, and world heritage sites, many tourists come into the country to spend their holiday. As a result, the economy of the country grows due to the tourism activities.

Top tourist attractions in Dominican Republic

Eastern National Park

Hundreds of species of animals and plants call this park their home. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 112 species of bird in the reserve. Visitors coming into this reserve can explore the marine park. There is also an opportunity for diving and snorkeling as some of the activities to do here.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a town in the eastern tip of Dominican Republic. The town is a favorite for many tourists due to the beautiful beaches and resort centers in the town. There are tons of activities to do in this resort town with surfing in the beaches among the best things to do.

Samana Peninsula & Samana Bay

The waters here are a haven for marine animals. It is at this place where tourists gather to see whales. January and February are the best months to see the whales. It is also a nice place for relaxation. The ambiance in this place is serene and offers some of the best views of the ocean.


Jarabacoa is an emerging eco-tourism destination in the amazing Cordillera Central. There is much to see and gaze about here. The beautiful landscape, rivers, and waterfalls are some of the attractions that tourists come to see here.

There are many other attraction sites in the country. With the emergence of local tourism, the economy of Dominican Republic is set to go higher gaining from the tourism sector.

European Lottowinners

There are various lottery companies in Europe. Some of the most popular ones include Eurojackpot, EuroMillions, and SuperEnalotto. Winning the jackpot may seem difficult but with the right attitude, you can become amongst the biggest lotto winners in Europe. Winning the lottery jackpot makes it possible to invest in Blekinge, Gothenburg or Småland. The Swedish stockmarket is an investment-strategy worth considering for big lotto-winners.

The winning mentality

Winning is not just about luck. When it comes to winning big jackpots, one’s mentality plays a big role in boosting the chances of winning. With the right mentality, one can easily win a jackpot. According to the 2007 jackpot winner, -Bunky Bartlet- winning a great lotto price can be predicted. Bunky says that a Tarot card foresaw his $32.6 million cash price. He believed that something great was set to happen. It is his belief that led him to winning the lotto jackpot. You can easily say that the law of attraction worked for him. If it worked for him, then it can work for anyone else. You could go to Stockholm in 17 days if you win.

Challenges of winning the jackpot

European lottowinners face a number of challenges after winning their cash prize. One of the leading challenges is request from friends and family members to assist them financially. Soon after winning, a winner will be contacted by many of his family members and friends over issues that require money. It is for this reason that some lottowinners opt for remaining anonymous after winning. Some lotto winners avoid onetime lump sum and opt for taking the winnings in form of an annuity parceled over many years.

Investment is also another challenge that lottowinners face. Majority would invest in a business they have no idea about its working. This leads to them losing money made in such investments. Investing in Sweden is a wiser choice.

The benefits:

However, the benefits of winning a big lotto price overshadow the challenges. European lottowinners enjoy financial stability after winning. This means that they can make true their major financial dreams.

After all, one can quit his/her job and focus on building a business, which is more profitable than working. The flexibility of running a business rather than being controlled in someone’s company gives one a peace of mind.

Furthermore, lottowinners can go for expensive holidays in the best and most exclusive parts of Sweden. With money, you just decide to go Sweden and you go.

If you do win the jackpot, why not sponsor Federico Arias-Yilo or buy some Spinkamålagranit.? If I won the big jackpot I would take a life-time vacation in Blekinge. I would walk on Blekingeleden and Laxaleden for the rest of my life. If you win maybe Ronneby Brunn would be worth a visit. Good luck in your quest of becoming a big lotto-winner!