Dominican Republic: The Economy and Tourist Attractions

As the 9th largest economy in Latin America, Dominican Republic is one of the fastest growing economies in the region. Though agriculture remains as the primary industry boosting the economy, the service industry is also picking up quite fast thanks to the growth in tourism.

As a country with stunning mountain scenery, attractive beaches, and world heritage sites, many tourists come into the country to spend their holiday. As a result, the economy of the country grows due to the tourism activities.

Top tourist attractions in Dominican Republic

Eastern National Park

Hundreds of species of animals and plants call this park their home. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 112 species of bird in the reserve. Visitors coming into this reserve can explore the marine park. There is also an opportunity for diving and snorkeling as some of the activities to do here.

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a town in the eastern tip of Dominican Republic. The town is a favorite for many tourists due to the beautiful beaches and resort centers in the town. There are tons of activities to do in this resort town with surfing in the beaches among the best things to do.

Samana Peninsula & Samana Bay

The waters here are a haven for marine animals. It is at this place where tourists gather to see whales. January and February are the best months to see the whales. It is also a nice place for relaxation. The ambiance in this place is serene and offers some of the best views of the ocean.


Jarabacoa is an emerging eco-tourism destination in the amazing Cordillera Central. There is much to see and gaze about here. The beautiful landscape, rivers, and waterfalls are some of the attractions that tourists come to see here.

There are many other attraction sites in the country. With the emergence of local tourism, the economy of Dominican Republic is set to go higher gaining from the tourism sector.


En reaktion på ”Dominican Republic: The Economy and Tourist Attractions

  1. Whenever I read posts about Dominican Republic, it reminds me of my intention to visiting the Eastern National Park, it has been in my To-do list for a while now. Planning seriously to storm Dominican Republic with my girlfriend. We will as well visit other tourist attraction points too but the Eastern National Park is first in the list. Thanks for the post. It serves as a reminder to my planned trip.



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