Beach Volleyball in Dominican Republic

As a country in the Caribbean region, Dominican Republic is known for its unique lifestyle. It is for this reason that the country does well in interesting sports such as beach volleyball. With many beaches in the country, this game simply has to be popular.

The success of beach volleyball as a game has been very instrumental in boosting the country’s economy in different ways. Firstly, players of beach volleyball in the country have been able to market the country at the international front making Dominican Republic a respectable county in the world.

Prolific Beach Volleyball Players

Beach volleyball is a popular game in the Dominican Republic and many people enjoy playing this game. However, there are notable players who have contributed to the success of this game in the global view. A few are listed here.

Francisco Abreu Lopez

As a beach volleyball player, Lopez has represented his country in a number of competitions including the 2006 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Continental Championship where he partnered with Juan Antonio Pozo and clinched the 4th position.

Rosa Medrano

Born in 1985, Medrano is a female beach volleyball player who has represented the Dominican Republic. In 2006, she won silver medal at the National Championship and represented her country in the 2006 Central American and Caribbean Games where she and her partner Margarita Suero finished in 6th position.

Yewddys Perez

Perez is also an accomplished beach volleyball player in Dominican Republic who has participated in a number of international competitions representing his native country. He partnered with Charlin Vargas to represent Dominican Republic at the 2006 NORCECA Men’s Beach Volleyball Continental Championship.

Together with Juan Antonio Pozo, he competed at the 2007 NORCECA Beach Volleyball Circuit.

Juan Antonio Pozo

Pozo is a name to reckon with in Dominican Republic’s beach volleyball. He has partnered with other players such as Perez and Lopez to represent Dominican Republic.

The mentioned players are among the top players of beach volleyball in Dominican Republic who have worked hard to promote the country beyond its borders. Of course, many other great players have made immense contributions in the Dominican Republic Beach Volleyball.

Also watch out for Federico Arias-Yilo who currently resides in Gothenburg, Sweden.



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