Health benefits of sauna and hot baths

A sauna or sudatory is a small room that is designed to experience dry or wet heat session. It was originated in Finland and sometimes called Finish steam bath. In this bath, steam is provided by water thrown on hot stones for inducing sweating. Sweating is an urge that has a long history in humankind. The Mayans of Central America used sweat houses for religious ceremonies and good health about 3,000 years ago. In almost every culture, there are similar types of bathing systems where they use heat for relaxation. You can take an example from Roman baths, modern Turkish steam baths, and trendy American hot tubs. Nowadays Sauna or hot bath has become very popular because of its positive impact on your body and mind. Over one million in the United States are using the sauna. In recent years, medical science reveals that sauna, hot bath and hot Jacuzzi can trigger heat shock proteins in our body that makes us healthy and heals even cancer diseases.

The sauna can burn calories and can normalize the insulin level:

 Recent researches about Sauna have confirmed that your blood sugar level decreases when your body temperature is raised in the hot bath. In the same way, you can burn calories more by taking hot bath or sauna after a workout or your regular exercises. Physiologist Steve Faulkner, PhD conducted an experiment about the issue and monitored the calories bur and glucose level of two groups: one took the hot bath, and another group did one hour exercise. And the research reveals:

“One of the first things that we were looking at is the energy expenditure while you’re in the bath and what we found was an 80% increase in energy expenditure just as a result of sitting in the bath for the course of an hour.”

They also found that riding the bike burned 630 calories and the hot bath burned 140 calories in an hour.

Then about the insulin level experiment, there were two groups where the participants ate a meal of similar composition a couple of hours after their hot bath and after exercising for an hour. Steve expressed the result:

“What we found was that peak glucose was actually quite a bit lower after the bath, compared with exercise, which was completely unexpected… .(the) post-meal glucose levels are, on average, 10% lower after the baths than after the exercise.”

Steve thinks that the reason of these incidents is for the release of heat shock proteins that respond to heat.

Sauna boosts your immune systems:

Infrared saunas can raise your core body temperature that helps you to keep the immune system active.


Sitting in a sauna for 20-30 minutes can stimulate the natural production of growth hormone that enhances cellular regeneration and brings longevity. After the age of 30, our body produces less growth hormone. So, a bath in the sauna can be an excellent choice for you if you want to live long, healthy and strong.

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines:

As mentioned earlier, hot bath or sauna can trigger heat shock proteins. Dr Patrick holds the view that heat shock proteins can fight against free radicals by supporting the ubiquitous antioxidant, glutathione.

Enhance blood circulation:

One of the significant health benefits of sauna and hot baths is it can increase the blood circulation.  Hot bath ensures delivery of nutrients and oxygen to our cells and helps to remove toxins or waste products such as lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

Weight loss:

Sweating is one of the secrets that make sauna popular. Because of excessive sweating, while sitting in a sauna, you can lose your weight and burn calories.

Instead of these health benefits, Sauna can even calm your mind and heal your stress. It is also a source of recreation and relaxation. So, try it and enjoy the healing power of sauna.

The 12th planet theory

The Twelth Planet theory by Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin is an Azerbaijan-born American author.  He earned a degree in economics from The University of London. While working as an executive member of the shipping company, he visited many archaeological sites. He taught himself Sumerian cuneiform scripture. He is also a famous author for his publication named ‘The 12th Planet and its sequels’. This book put forth the idea about the ancient human history and the Mesopotamian iconography and symbolism. He purposed that there is the twelfths undiscovered planet like Neptune that has a widespread elliptical orbit which appears in our solar system roughly after every 3600 years. He named this planet as Nibiru which was claimed by Sitchin that this name is drive by the Sumerians‘ Gods.

Zecharia Sitchin put forward the idea that the earth comes into existence by the collision of the planets between Nibiru and Tiamat (a planet once situated between Mars and Jupiter). Sitchin believes that once Nibiru was the twelfth planet and the home of the technological advance human-like extraterrestrial race which are called as the Anunnaki in Sumerian myth. Sitchin wrote that Anunnaki race came into existence after the formation of Nibiru planet. They came on this planet for the search of minerals particularly gold which is found presently in African regions probably 450,000 years ago. They have their different Gods for food, water, human culture, and winds. Sitchin believes that his researches evidence is also described in the biblical literature. Sitchin books are been sold worldwide in 25 languages and many cultures have found a similar basis for existence. His influence has spread worldwide in all walks of lives from publishing book to a making-of movie and video game. His frequent and influential appearance on the Coast to Coast AM radio show, he was then awarded a lifetime achievement award.

Sitchin work has been gone through many criticisms of that era. Initially, he publishes a book which mainly comprises of Sumerian language. Many non-experts are unable to translate and interpret the scripture. Secondly, William Irwin Thompson has made critic on Sitchin work with literalism. In addition, C. Leroy Ellenberger has also critiqued Sitchin work for the existing story of the earth through collisions.

All in all, Zecharia Sitchin was an Azerbaijan-born American author. He is a famous author for his publication named ‘The 12th Planet and its sequels’. This book put forth the idea about the ancient human history and the Mesopotamian iconography and symbolism. His work has formed basis for the understanding of the existence of earth notion. Although, his work has been criticized by many other astrologist and researchers later. Many of his followers still believe in the notion of Sitchin theory. He has been awarded a lifetime achievement award for his theory.



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The hypnotist / psychologist Lee Pulos

Dr. Lee Pulos is a registered psychologist. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Denver (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018). He is a certified mental health trainer and educator. His specialty includes achieving peak performance, stress management counselor, personal development, and empowerment. He is also well-known for entrepreneur and best seller author of books named ‘Mentally fit forever’, ‘The biology of empowerment’, ‘The new technologies for immediate healing and vitality’, ‘The power of visualization’ are some of the famous books readers have applauded him from around the globe (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018).

Dr. Lee Pulos is not only a famous author but he has diverse work responsibilities ranging from giving lectures to the students at various universities and educational institutions to clinics for the coach in North America (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018). He runs much radio and television programs and quickly gained popularity among the general public of America. He is also a president of Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018). He is a biology empowerment teacher at The Haven Charitable Foundation, Canada. He also works as a sports psychologist at the Angels Community Resource Centre. He also provides services as Chief Executive Officer at Lifelong communication limited.

Dr. Lee Pulos has been affiliated with various psychiatric and socio-psychology societies. He worked as a Clinical Assistant Professor Emeritus In the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia. He is also an Advisory Board Member of Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies and at Innersource (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018). He is a Registered Psychologist and certified for rendering Traumatic Stress Conciliations at American Board of Professional Psychology Institute (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018).

 Dr. Lee Pulos believe that an individual has a power to change its thought process and can achieve happiness and prosperity in life. He affirms that traditional transformative beliefs are ways to acquire success. He highlights that if we want to acquire sustainable success then we should have to work on the cellular level to get permanent satisfaction (Gold Alliance Corporation, 2017).  He has launched a new technology named Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This program encompasses various concerns like fear-free life, and about a life filled with health and vitality. His most valued book ‘The power of visualization’ has made a powerful impact on his clients. He theoretically categorized mind, body, and spirit connections with success and failures (Gold Alliance Corporation, 2017).

Dr. Lee Pulos is a registered clinical psychologist of Vancouver, Canada. He is certified mental health trainer and educator at almost around the world. He is a well-known author of books entitled as ‘Mentally fit forever’, ‘The biology of empowerment’, ‘The new technologies for immediate healing and vitality’, ‘The power of visualization’, and many more. He professionally associated with various scientific organizations and societies. Dr. Lee Pulos expertise varies from stress management to the power of visualization. We need such revolutionary minds that bring up innovation and technology to improve health and well- being.



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The psychic Laura Day

Laura Day is an author of the famous bestseller book entitled ‘Practical Institution’. She was born in New York city on March 22, 1959. She is also an author of various other self-help books mainly revolving around intuition and life goal achievements which includes Practical Intuition, Practical Intuition for Success, Practical Intuition for Love, The Circle: How The Power of a Single Wish Can Change Your Life and Welcome To Your Crisis: How to Use the Power of Crisis to Create the Life You Want and etc (HuffPost Impact, 2011).

Laura believes that an individual may achieve their goals if they have strong determination to pursue it and continue to struggle for it. She also affirms that goal setting is an important aspect to achieve goal. Making efforts in the one direction keeps you self-directed and motivated to achievement. Laura’s this believe and understanding have been intellectual to many other readers  and authors. Author Deepak Chopra has also applaud Laura’s idea as brilliant and practical. Even many American and global readers have been following Laura and has buy her idea thoughtfully (HuffPost Impact, 2011).

Laura is not only a brilliant writer but now she also share awareness through media and lectures at CNN, Fox News, Good Morning America, The View and The Oprah Winfrey Show at USA and globally. In addition, Laura gives national and international lectures at universities on how your intuition can work best for you and for your success. Many celebrities follow up with the Laura Day and believe in the intuition that everybody has a strength to achieve goals. In addition she also gives financial advice to many people as an intuitionist. She advices many corporate consultant about expanding business with new strategies and innovation. She is the one who is fortune enough to advise more than 500 corporates business tycoons, wall street persons, and  Bollywood stars. For two decades, Laura taught in Esalen institute as business intuitionist. She has travelled around the world and have created a community of intuitionist, love and healing.

Laura is an author of the famous bestseller books. Her famous book entitled How to Rule theWorld from Your Couch, also explains that positive intuition and constituent hard work always pays off towards success.  Laura believes that an individual may achieve their goals if they have strong determination to pursue it and continue to struggle for it (HuffPost Impact, 2011). Laura is not only famous as a writer but as a psychic and lecturer around the world.



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About the psychic Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) is commonly known as a sleeping prophet and widely known as‘Sleeping medium’ of the 20th centuries’ psychic. He is also remembered as a ‘Spiritual Father’ of the new age movement and new age medicine. Cayce was born in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in 1877 (Association for Research and Enlightenment, 2017). He is an American self-proclaimed faith leader. His psychic ability was begun to show in his character as early in the childhood. His psychic abilities include seeing and talking to his late grandfather spirit and playing with imaginary friends. He also has the ability to memorize the pages of the book by simply sleeping on it. His these unusual abilities make him different and strange from others. However, it works and unusual behavior was in the favor of human being and their wellness particularly children.

In adulthood, he discovered that he can able to connect his soul touniversal consciousness while only lying on the chair. He started to communicate and inquireabout the questions related to the purpose of life and life after death (Association for Research and Enlightenment, 2017). The responses to these questions are served as a foundation for many mysteries that scientist have used to put forth the evidence-based application to nature’s creation and phenomena’s. It was unbelievable for many people to trust him because after all, he was an ordinary person who goes to church for worship and was a normal Sunday religious teacher at church (Association for Research and Enlightenment, 2017).

Edgar Cayce responses to wellness, mediation, personal and spiritual empowerment were remarkable and still studied for evidence to build upon in the 21st century. Dozens and hundreds of his books were published that regards best for revealing the secrets of aura, ancient civilization’s mysteries, purpose in life, meditation, soul mates, auras, and holistic health.

Throughout in life, Edgar Cayce has given more than 14000 preaching of psychic phenomena’s in the unconscious state (Museums of Hopkinsville, 2017). Most of his accomplishments have been published and made available online at Association for Research and Enlightenment at Virginia Beach.

Edgar Cayce is an American self-proclaimed faith leader and psychic. His extraordinary capabilities made everybody surprised upon his association with the spirits around him. His work mainly constitutes contemporary knowledge of science and universe, super-conscious mind, auras, dreams interpretation, and life purposefulness (Museums of Hopkinsville, 2017). Its preaching is still served to be a cornerstone for researchers and psychologists. Its library has been established at Virginia Beach for the public to visit and seek knowledge.



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Schisandra, Resveratrol and Ashwaganda

Schisandra, Resveratrol and Ashwaganda

Schisandra is commonly known for five flavor berry plant. It is been used for centuries in Asia, Russia, and China for medicinal purposes. It is considered to be a bioactive plant for generations. It is widely used for curing Alzheimer’s disease thus prolonging lifespan with improved cognitive functions. The neuroprotective effect and anti-inflammatory process strengthen neural connectivity and cleansed excess accumulation of myeloid protein from brain cells (“Schisandra: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Warning,” 2005). Secondly, Schisandra has the beneficial impact on liver cells. The anti-oxidant property of Schisandra can reduce fatty deposits in liver thus improving hepatitis and cirrhosis diseases. In addition, Schisandra also exhibits adaptogenic properties which mean body defense mechanism show resistance to any stress and anxiety state to create a harmful effect on the body thus improving immunity and mental well-being. Schisandra use has a profound impact on resisting Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD’s) occurrence.

Resveratrol is a supplement mostly found in the grapes, blueberries, and in peanuts. Resveratrol has several health benefits. Resveratrol extracts fight against flu and various infections like herpes simplex etc. The Institute of Neurobiology and Molecular Medicine of the Italian Research Council in Rome studied that flu morbidity rate can be decreased up to 80% when Resveratrol is used regularly for 10 days (Patterson, 2017). Secondly, Resveratrol also possesses chemopreventive agents that prevent carcinogenesis of the cell. It is demonstrated that Resveratrol has the ability to prevent liver, esophageal, and skin cancers in humans. Resveratrol, also have some protective features for arthritis patients (Patterson, 2017). It supports cartilage and relieves joint pain. In addition, numerous studies have shown that Resveratrol extracts support healthy heart functioning. It lowers blood pressures, prevents clot formation in arteries, and support myocardial contractions.

Ashwagandha is also a natural ingredient found in Solanaceae family commonly known as Indian Ginseng or winter cherry (Organic Information Services, 2018). It has been used for many centuries as an Ayurveda product. It has numerous medicinal properties ranging from asthma, backache, arthritis, insomnia, hiccups, liver disease, bronchitis, menstrual problems, leukoderma, and paralysis. Ashwagandha is most famous for its unique chemical named Articulin-F that aid to improve symptoms of arthritis (Organic Information Services, 2018). Secondly, Ashwagandha has the hypolipidemic property that converts low-density lipoprotein to high-density lipoprotein in blood thus lowering cholesterol levels. Ashwagandha is also facilitating in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression (Organic Information Services, 2018).







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Health Benefits of Schisandra, Resveratrol and Ashwagandha

Are you considering adding herbs or herbal supplements to your diet to improve the quality of your health? Here are three adaptogens that you should consider:


Schisandra (Schizandra) – Schisandra chinensis is known by many names including magnolia berry as the the leaves of this woody vine resemble those of the magnolia. Schisandra is native to Northern China where it is known as Wu Wei Zi, literally “five taste fruit” which describes the complex flavor of it’s bright red berries which grow in clumps like grapes. Schisandra has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries for its sustaining and protective properties. The dried berries provided energy and sustenance to Genghis Khan and the ancient Mongols during the 13th century.

Schisandra is an adaptogen, a natural nutrient that helps your body adapt to stress or increases resistance to disease. The berries have also been shown to increase energy, increase physical performance and endurance, improve your mood, normalize blood sugar, lower blood pressure, and stimulate your immune system. The Chinese are also researching Schisandra as a treatment for liver disease and hepatitis.


Resveratrol – Resveratrol is a naturally occurring polyphenol, a rich source of both adaptogens and antioxidants. Resveratrol is found in red and purple grape skins (and wines produced from these grapes), peanuts, strawberries, blueberries and cranberries and dark chocolate. Resveratrol promotes healthy cell growth and cellular regeneration and as a result, has been considered a potential remedy for many age-related conditions including heart disease, cancer, brain health and Alzheimer’s disease. Resveratrol may also promote natural cell destruction of malignant (cancerous) cells as it promotes healthy cell regeneration.

Research in resveratrol was prompted by a phenomenon known as the French Paradox. How do the French survive on a diet rich in sugar, butter, pastries and wine yet suffer fewer heart health issues? The answer may be due to a higher intake of resveratrol and it’s natural health benefits.


Ashwagandha – Ashwagandha or Withania somnifera is more commonly known as Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry, or winter cherry and is a plant in the nightshade family. An important remedy in Ayurvedic healing dating back 3000 years, Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb shown to lower cortisol and balance thyroid hormones. In India, Ashwagandha translates literally as “horse smell” but is known for it’s potency as the “strength of the stallion” and is often used to strengthen the immune system after illness.

Thanks in part to it’s ability to regulate adrenal hormones, herbalists often recommend Ashwagandha for the treatment of insomnia when stress is a contributing factor. The resulting reduction in the production and release of stress hormones creates an inner calmness and increases your ability to cope with stress and allows for a deeper and more restful sleep.