Magic Quest

Puzzle Quest: Referal code 1ngim

“Magic the Gathering Puzzle Quest” is a game which has been made available to mobile services in the late 2015 and was introduced by the D3 publishers!
What’s Unique About MTGPQ?
If you guys are game nerds, then you must be aware of a game which spread across the teenage population like a wildfire. The game was called “Magic: The Gathering”. There was another game called “Puzzle Quest” which was equally popular in its time. Well,this game is the combination of “Magic: The Gathering” and “Puzzle Quest” becoming “Magic: The Gathering Puzzle Quest”. Here’s the code you need to enter:
The following things make this game out of the world cool:
1. Adventure Based
This game is adventure based strategic game. It isn’t your regular jump over the stone and kill a mushroom kind of a game. Rather it is an enthralling experience which allows you to test your skills and play out some fine strategies ultimately winning the game!
2. Exotic Creatures
The game contains exotic creatures!
And not just any exotic creatures but the type which sends shivers down your opponent’s spine. You work to increase their power and then crush your enemy to the ground with the help of some good and healthy mana.
3. Complicated Puzzle
This game might come out as a complicated puzzle in the beginning but the more you invest your time into it, the more you’ll realize this game is worth getting attached to.
4. Planeswalker
When have you ever heard a player being called or referred to as a planeswalker?! Point is, the game is brimming with creativity and uniqueness at best. You being the main player gets offered three cards, you work along in the game to gain more cards along with more power gems.
5. Summoning Creatures
Remember how those times when cartoons were filled with battles containing creatures being summoned by their lords or masters? How many times have you pretended to be one? Or how many times have you wished for such an opportunity where you can battle your opponent in the same but amazing way? This game is like a prolong dream. You can summon your creatures, work on their powers and let them defeat your opponents for you.
6. Thrilling Experience
You know what’s more heavenly than chocolate peanut butter or a thin sliced bread or nuggets? A thrilling experience of a game which can shake you to your very core with its amazing generic graphics and features as well as enthralling and vivacious adventures!
Again, the referral link is mentioned above, and if you do click upon it, then you are in store for a life changing performance.


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