Tokensniffers and Honeypot Checkers

I have bought my fair share of rugpulls on Binance Smart Chain – and when you do you feel like you are on a darknet called the Binance Scam Chain.

The painful process of not being able to sell your tokens for them is sometimes called a rugpull, but the sad fact is that you have been caught by a honeypot…

The amount of scams, fakes and bad projects in crypto are not good for the business. Crypto needs to be cleaner and PoorQuack does help with that with their Token Sniffer and their Honeypot checker.

These two handy tools had major impact when it comes to my trusting the PoorQuack Team.

They also have a so called FOMO Sniper you only can use when you have 1000 dollars of value of Poor Quack Token.

In the future you might be required to hold a certain value of Poor Quack Tokens to be able to use the Token Sniffer and or the Honeypot Checker, but for the moment they are both free.

However, there is a principle of reciprocity that will help Poor Quack community. They give away services for free and as a token of good will – many people will buy some tokens because they appreciate the service of the Token Sniffer and the Honeypot Checker.

It also gives a lot of credibility to the team.

Most memetokens are not serious at all and too many of them are outright scams.

You will find the Token Sniffer and HoneyPotChecker services on

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Poor Quack $Poor

Could Poor Quack 500X?

Poor Quack would 500X if it reached the marketcap of BabyDoge, but is this realistic? Let’s dig in and analyse. But remember I am not a financial advisor just a guy on the internet blogging for fun.

Those who follow me on Twitter know that I believe that Ducks might replace Dogs in 2022. There are trends in all tokens. Shiba Inu replaced Doge as the fastest growing crypto. Most people and now looking for the third dog, but the third dog might actually be a duck. We did see this actually take place with RichQuack in October-November last year. RichQuack was one of the best performing tokens in the finale of the 2021 bullrun. If the bull run continues we cannot count out Duck-tokens as the biggest winners in February and April 2022.

Now I will try to get our ducks in the row and make some distinctions between the Champion Rich Quack and the challenger Poor Quack.

Poor Quack is different from Rich Quack as it has staking instead of reflections.

This could be smart for various reasons, smarter than having automatic reflections, because it means that you commit your tokens and lock them in for profit.

Poor Quack also seem to have superior developers – at least their developers work faster and has done a lot of things since the launch in mid december. It also appears that the team in Telegram is more professional than Rich Quacks.

Of course there are advantages with Rich Quack as well. Their token is hyperdeflationary, they have a black hole algoritm, a strong community and is well known. They are also listed on numerous exchanges – like Hotbit, XT, Gate and Digifinex while PoorQuack is still only on Pancakeswap.

However the potential might still be much higher in Poor Quack than Rich Quack in terms of marketcap and other issues. So check the current situation on Coinmarketcap before you m ake your decision of the better investment. If you do believe in Gate IO:s proclaimed Duck Era you maybe should invest in both tokens.

Both the Duck-tokens Rich Quack and Poor Quack does seem to have their own utility. This makes them the 2nd generation of memetokens far superior the first generation. However, there might still be issues as they have not penetrated the market just yet.

The internet is full of success stories of those who got rich of Crypto. Buying Quack at the right moment would have given you a 233,785% Return Of Investment.

Rich Quack being a more mature token has been covered by Ownsnap, Watcher News, News BTC, Bitcoinist, BSC News, Market Realist and many others.

Poor Quack has a long way to go to catch up with Doge – at the time of writing it would need to increase in price over 13,000 times to reach the marketcap of Doge. More realistically it could catch up with BabyDoge and that would give the lucky investor 500 times the money.

Quack would 10X with the marketcap of BabyDoge and 245X with the marketcap of Doge so the potential is there for Rich Quack as well. Just remember that neither of the two duck-coins have a rich supporter like Elon Musk on their side. For the moment there is no reason to believe that the Walmart Family nor Jeff Bezos would support, buy or tweet about Rich Quack or Poor Quack.

So where does that leave us? Will we be able to make a lot of money with Poor Quack or Rich Quack? Well, 500X is a bold call and most of the time it is not possible to make so much money. However, purely looking at marketcap it is much more likely that PoorQuack could pull such a move off at current circumstances. The token is not even 2 months old and Rich Quack did as we know actually make a 2337 X from top to bottom.

The hedged memecoin investor would probably like to have both RichQuack and PoorQuack in the portfolio not to miss out on potential gains if DUCKS would replace DOGS in 2022.

Just remember that animal tokenks and memetokens also can crash hard – this is what happened to Rabbit Finance and Pancake Bunny. If a big influencers like Kim Kardashian comes into a coin (She did with Emax) that is actually not a buy signal, but a sell signal. That isn’t to say that PancakeBunny and Emax could not be good investment from this point on. Sometimes beaten down and “killed” token makes a glorious return. However, it is probably more likely that token stays down if they hype around them is silenced.

Generally speaking ETH-based token follow ETH, Binance based token follow BNB and both ETH and BNB follow Bitcoin so whenever Bitcoin dumps it is very dangerous to be in alts.

The community of RichQuack and PoorQuack are both very optimistic and proactive. They want to quack themselves up to 1 billion in marketcap or more. If Gate IO Labs is right and the Duck Era really has started – they might just be able to do it with sensational returns to investors in the tokens as a result.


Image source: PoorQuack Telegram Group –

PoorQuack is a Binance Smartchain token listed on Pancakeswap and their homepage is You will find more information about the $Poor token their including a roadmap and a whitepaper.