Nostradamus and Cayce

Michel de Nostradame (Nostradamus) was a 16th century apothecary and seer who’s published works live beyond his existence and serve as a torch light to upcoming world events. He published collections of prophecies that have since become vastly famous and he has been credited by his uncountable amounts of followers together with the popular press for with the predictions of major world events. Astonishing is the fact that prophecies from recent prophets like controversial Chinese prophet ‘Tui Bei Tu’ and a lot more recently the American Christian mystic Edgar Cayce together with prophecies from cultures like the Mayan share a lot of similarities with the predictions of Nostradamus. The constant repetition of some of these predictions of which some have come into fruition and others are yet to come must definitely mean something.

What we see today with the climate, weather patterns, the glaciers melting and other natural disasters were averred from the works of Nostradamus and earlier by Edgar Cayce. Nostradamus, from his book ‘Les Prophecies’ talks of unusual planetary alignments and different types of astronomical type changes that will trigger unforeseen events on events, of which has been aligned to the tsunami’s and earthquakes over the past decades. Edgar Cayce also predicted changing weather patterns leading to natural disasters, but went a little bit further by being specific on the regions that will witness these disasters. He predicted the lakes of the west coast draining into the Gulf of Mexico through the Mississippi river, implying droughts and widespread destructions in these areas. Today we can testify that there has been severe drought in the west coast and wild fires have been a consequence of it.

Nostradamus through his prophecies show us the darkest sides of human form through the life of Hitler and the catastrophic atomic bombs. ‘’From the depts. Of West Europe a child will be born of poor people’’ this translated quote from Nostradamus refers to Adolph Hitler. Nostradamus carries us through his divisive works leading to a horrific war involving everyone and the ‘sleeping giant’ (United states of America) from whom will cause “within two cities….. Scourges the like of which was never seen” (World War II & the atomic Bomb). On the other hand Edgar Cayce predicts a Third World War (World War III), however his propositions are a ‘possibility’. Declaring a strife that will erupt from Davis Straits, Libya, Egypt, Ankara and in Syria; this brings to mind the instability given wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and the tensions in the middle east right now. This prophecy now stands in the current picture, meaning Edgar like Nostradamus had vision and foresight.

Both prophets together with other seers and cultures (Mayan) predict an Armageddon type of situation on earth, where life will be extinct and man perish. The Mayan calendar indicating this incident to happen in 2012 has been debunked as a false alarm. Edgar Cayce’s Armageddon was to begin in 1999 wherein he speaks of a spiritual battle not fought here on earth, between ‘the forces of light’ and ‘the lower forces of darkness’ that will span 1000 years, leading to the establishment of the ‘Kingdom of heaven on earth’. Nostradamus made a bold one, indicating the invasion/war in Iraq is an indication that the world as we know it is coming to an end.

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