Liseberg, Gothenburg, Sweden

Sweden is a go-to destination for tourists and has been for many years. One of its main attraction is in its second largest city, Gothenburg. Liseberg Amusement Park opened up in 1923 on the 300th anniversary exhibition of Gothenburg. It is ranked as one of the most visited amusement parks in Scandinavia, 3 million visitors annually. The official colors of Liseberg are pink and green as can be seen on the entrance and the older houses in the park, the colors were also adopted for the logo, which was introduced in the 1980s, but changed in 2013 to the current logo.

Originally, in 1752, Johan Anders Lamberg owned this property and named it ‘Lisas berg’ (Lisa’s Mountain) after his wife Elisabeth Söderberg. In 1908, Gothenburg City bought the property including the on-site buildings for 225000 Swedish Krona, roughly 24647$ US.

The amusement park has three seasons: the summer season, which runs from April to mid-October; the Halloween season, when the park is open for a week during the autumn break; and Christmas at Liseberg, which starts in mid-November and continues until New Year. Liseberg is also open for conferences and corporate events all year round.

Liseberg consist of 40 different rides and attractions, including games, game of fortune, indoor arena, music stages, a dance floor and a huge variety of different restaurants and cafes in the green parkland. Furthermore, it has accommodations close it, a hotel, cabins, camping area and bed & breakfast. These accommodations are open year round.
Liseberg is host to numerous concerts, during the summers they have a wide variety of daily performances by local Gothenburg bands on the Taubescene stage and by international stars on the Stora Scenen stage. Not only this but the Polketten dance floor offers you the opportunity to dance or take dancing lessons almost every day. The traditional Scandinavian pleasure garden from which Liseberg grew is lovingly preserved in the gardens and planted areas, with exuberant flower beds surrounding green spaces that are perfect for a picnic.


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