American Lottowinners

It is always the dream of every lotto player to become a lotto winner. There are many benefits of winning any jackpot. In America, lotto winners have transformed their lives in line with the American dream.

According to Bunky Bartlet, the 2007 jackpot winner, winning a lottery jackpot is the best thing that can happen to a person’s life. When he won the $32.6 million lottery in 2007, Bunky knew immediately that this would change his lifestyle.

Is a lottery usually expected?

Within days after winning the lottery, he told news outlets that a Tarot card preceded his win telling him to slow down and put much focus on his spirituality. Therefore, we can conclusively say that his win was expected since it is the lottery win that could emancipate him to focus on what he loves most, that which builds his spirituality.

How he received the news

In most cases, winners of mega jackpots usually take weeks before claiming their prize. However, Bunky claimed his prize immediately. Carole Everett, the Maryland Lottery spokeswoman said that Bunky was a rare winner for he went public immediately after winning. He even went to the media before contacting the lottery company.

Spending the lottery money

One of the greatest challenges a lottery winner has is spending the money. Lottery money is usually big for a person to think right. More often, the first investment decision that a lottery winner makes is usually wrong and works to blow up a huge part of his money. Bunky made an investment in Mystickal Voyag. However, just months after making this investment option, the U.S. financial markets collapsed making the business to go down.

However, despite the mistakes made, Bunky still has over $15 million in the bank. The remainder of his money can help him redeem himself and make other informed investment decisions, probably from a professional advice.

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