4 Powerful Health Benefits Of Lycopene

Lycopene is commonly known as the pigment which gives tomatoes its shiny red color, but is there any significance that it medically holds for us?

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition definitely agrees when it states that 46000 individuals who consumed tomato as a vegetable, sauce, or puree all had a reduced risk of prostate cancer. The multitude of benefits that it brings, however, is not limited to this alone, as we shall soon find out.

  1. High Power Antioxidant

The importance of antioxidants is on the rise as the numbers of processed food that the average human consumes annually continues to grow. Although it is always advisable to go for fresh organic produce, with the urban infrastructure of countries and financial limitations today, it is not feasible to assume that can happen.

The preservatives and the pesticides which come over the food you consume can really turn your stomach and insides into a mess. Lycopene is the fighter you need; dangerous chemical like MSG and pesticides are all taken care of by Lycopene. The toxic activity that they can induce inside your body is what Lycopene essentially targets, therefore, tomatoes should really be on your priority list now.

  1. Reduction in Chances of Cancer

Be it may breast cancer, prostate cancer, or kidney tumors which grow with the passage of time, the regular consumption of Lycopene can avoid them all. Cancer-fighting foods are often equipped with it because of its ability to cease the growth and sometimes even inhibit the possibility of cancer in people.

What really makes it a success is the fact that oral ingestion in the form of food is all you need for it to work fully; there is no need of taking it in as a supplement. Quite handy!

  1. Prevents Optical Issues

As age progresses and the amount of strain on the eyes grows, cataract in the eyes becomes an increasing problem because once it grows visibly it has to be dealt with an operation. That does not mean that you cannot prevent it, however; Lycopene is the answer to this dilemma.

The component that assists with optical issues is Beta-Carotene. Lycopene is in fact quite rich in the component, and its additional benefits for the eyes can be learned from the fact that blindness induced by the factor of age can also be fought with it. To put it simply, carrots may not be the only solution to your eyes seeming to give up on you.

  1. Relieves Nerve Damage

Though damage to the nerve can be very deadly if it happens in the sensitive area inside the skull, it is important to note that Lycopene can also be your best friend here. Be it may neuropathic damage in the soft tissues in the body or the brain, Lycopene can alleviate it if it is not to a critical degree of damage.

Physicians do advice that anti-inflammatories are important to take in under such circumstances, but these drugs are also enhanced using organic Lycopene, making it a very useful health all-rounder.




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