Why you should eat Soy Lecithin

The use of Soy Lecithin in the market has been rising in recent days because of the increasing number of products which use it as food additive and supplements which use it for its health bringing elements.

Despite its common use in the market, the debate regarding how healthy it actually is has also sparked up commonly. While one side claims that because of the Soy in Soy Lecithin it automatically becomes unfavorable for the body, but science suggests otherwise, as represented by the following benefits.

  1. Low Cholesterol Levels

As you progress in age, you can expect cholesterol levels to become a real problem. In 2010, the magazine Cholesterol suggested that the chemical composition of Soy Lecithin was important when it came to breaking down excess lipids in the body. With reduced fat levels, the amount of fat in the body also considerably goes down. This property makes it excellent for dietary and workout supplements.

  1. Provision of Choline

Choline is found abundantly in Soy Lecithin, and its benefits can be drawn from the fact that it can improve muscle movement and metabolism. This is the primary reason why people who work out are given supplements which are enhanced with Soy Lecithin; it makes their workout more productive.

The functioning of the brain and the liver is also impacted positively by Choline, as suggested by a research in the University of Wales Swansea.

  1. Lowers Stress Levels

You may experience mental strength when the amount of responsibilities on your shoulders rises without warning, or when you have had an intense day at work. This might be a good time to consume foods enhanced with Soy Lecithin because it is known to restore brain activity and decrease the release of stress hormones.

This restoration can be credited to the various phospholipids which are present in the product. In addition, keeping your mind and body relaxed together has multiple benefits related to the efficiency of work as well, so this is a compounded benefit.

  1. Immune System Activity

Macrophages in the body work day and night to ensure that your body is kept safe from diseases, and the failure of the primary white blood cell is an instant failure of the immune system. This is where the benefit of Soy Lecithin can be capitalized on; it increases immunity by increasing the activity of macrophages in the body, which prepares you for the challenging environments you face on a daily basis.


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