Current Issues In Parapsychology

From time to time, the field of parapsychology has faced certain difficulties that hinder the path of research and public awareness.

Following are the current issues in the field of parapsychology

  1. Lack of Funds

Sadly, parapsychology has not received much appreciation from universities around the globe. Very limited number of investors and scholarships are interested in funding the research involving parapsychology.

  1. Lack of Publishing

The world of academic publication is hostile when it comes to publishing the research work relating with parapsychology. A lot of journals do not include the category of parapsychology and most universities are afraid of public reactions, if they ever organize public talks about parapsychology.

With less exposure to parapsychology, people hardly become aware about the importance of this field and as a result, it does not receive the exposure it deserves.

  1. Scientific Explanation of Certain Events

There are certain events which exist in our world. Science indirectly believes in energy levels, hypnosis, telekinesis and psychic powers but demands their direct explanation.

Not everything can be explained in ones and zeros. Certain things exist in the grey area. With lack of proper deductions and following the specific criteria of testing a hypothesis according to a scientific method, science negates most of work done in the field of parapsychology. Adequate levels of repetition of a successful parapsychological experiment is another major problem.

  1. Public Misinformation

With the advent of sci-fi movies, people have developed a mixed attitude towards the field of parapsychology. Most of them have partial knowledge about truth and partial knowledge about rumors.

Parapsychological is a serious field and definitely much more than what is shown in movies. People seem to misjudge this field and its practical applications inside all walks of life.

  1. Lack of Credibility

A lot of people and academic scholars are under the impression that parapsychological is a controversial field and that it should be shunned.

Much is done to make this field sound like a taboo as compared to modern science and people are critical towards its credibility.

Mass media has played a vital role in shunning the field of parapsychology

  1. Lack of Unity

Sadly, parapsychologists are not united enough to make the world realize about the effectiveness of the field. Their own views differ too much among their colleagues. When they don’t have enough common grounds, the world sees them as separate individuals, not having enough data to support their claims on a formidable level.


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