Garlic powder

The myths and the lore of garlic

For thousands of years, people around the globe have trusted that garlic possesses magical powers.

Some of these energies, such as its capability to ward off evil spirits and vampires, are not actually supported by clinical trial, but its curative powers have pass the tests of science and time. In supplements, different parts of garlic may be formulated for specific conditions.

Garlic was used when a church performed ceremonies in order to keep off bad spirits. Vampires are mainly linked with evil, this being the main factor they are kept away by garlic. Garlic was used for more than just beating vampires. It was used for warding off werewolves, evil spirits and to save against demonic possession. Hanging some bulbs of garlic around the neck would save against  almost every type of evil. Rubbing and crushing of garlic on the horns of a bull would save their cattle from evil forces.

Real advantages of garlic

Garlic contains helpful minerals such as potassium, phosphorous, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron, as well as trace minerals like chlorine, sulfur, and iodine. It is high source of vitamins like Vitamin K, A, B6, niacin, thiamine, and folate. The herb is low in saturated fats, calories, and sodium.

Improve heart heath

Regular eating of raw garlic cloves decrease blood clots and gives better blood flow. Garlic also have important cardioprotective properties which helps against diseases like hypertension, thrombosis, hyperlipidemia, and more.

Improve digestion

Daily addition of raw garlic cloves in your diet helps in getting rid of any digestive issues. The herb helps in the general working of the intestines for best digestion. Even irritation or inflammation of the gastric canal may be decreased using this herb.

Better digestive health

It clears up the most intestinal issues like diarrhea, dysentery, and colitis. Its job in dispelling worms is extraordinary. It does not affect the best bacteria in the intestine but kills the bad ones. It not just improves digestion but also helps ease stomach gas.

Stop acne

Garlic, along with other ingredients like cream, honey and turmeric, can be used to treat acne scars. This herb is a best skin cleanser and an antibiotic substance that supports treat many skin situations. These contain psoriasis, skin rashes, blisters and cold sores.

Treat kidney infections

Garlic stops the growth of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a pathogen liable for recurring kidney infections.

For hair and skin

The invigorating features of garlic save the skin from the effect of free radicals and reduce the depletion of collagen which causes to loss of elasticity in aging skin. Used topically, garlic does surprises to skin polluted with fungal diseases and gives help from skin disorders like eczema. It is also a best remedy for fungal infections like ringworms and athletes foot.

Cancer prevention

Different studies have indicated a linked between daily use of garlic and prevention of colorectal and stomach cancers. It is said to strengthen the resistance of the body against cancer.

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