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John Michael Greer is a well-known environmentalist, historian, and littérateur.  Greer has some great practical wisdom to share with the world. Initially, Greer was a fan of fiction and by the age of 10, he had his very first role model, Gandalf, from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He was delighted by nature from a very young age and so is his involvement in ecological activism. From there, he started developing an interest in Esoteric traditions, mythology and spiritually. He is a well-known writer and the most respected teachers in the occult field. He has served as Grand Archdruid for 12 years at the Ancient Order of Druids in America. Greer currently lives in the United States in Rhode Island with his wife. John has also contributed articles for Alexandria, Golden Dawn Journal, Mezlim, Renaissance magazine and few more Journals.

Greer has written multiple books on spiritually, the future of the industrial society, and the esoteric traditions. Some of his finest books on political change include Dark Age America, The Retro Future, and The Long Descent. Others are:

Not the Future We Ordered

‘Not the future we ordered’ takes a look at the psychological dimensions of the dilemma of petroleum depletion. The book begins with an unmentionable Crisis of machinations of the society. Greer gives historical examples of ethical issues and public challenges that have been reframed as psychological problems. He mentions that his own parents and those around him who struggled financially blame themselves, but the reality is the economic decline in the world started in the 70s due to industrialization, and it is still in progress.

Apocalypse Not

‘Apocalypse Not’ is the history of the end of time by Greer. This is a book of a survey of various predictions about the end of the world and the dreams and nightmares that have been clustered around these predictions. Greer has mentioned different stories in the book including that of the Apocalypse meme, the end of time prophecies of Mother Shipton, Nostradamus, and other prophets, and the real origins of the belief in Apocalypse. It’s an interesting book for those curious about the end of time and the reality of Apocalypse.

Green Wizardry

‘Green Wizardry’ explores the future of the industrial society.  Greer in this book describes how a mobile middle-class individual can master the skills necessary to change his life and culture. He says that the middle-class society in the USA is finding it hard to achieve and maintain the expectations for jobs, housing and even the basic necessities of life. He questions if people can use the intermediate technologies for reducing the financial and ecological footprint.  It is time we start developing new ways of procuring food, energy, shelter. This book is a must-read for those who are concerned about decreasing their dependence on the industrial system in the times of economic troubles and energy depletion without making their lives traumatic.

John Michael Greer‘s books sure have successfully changed the perspectives of lots of readers. He writes on subjects the world needs to pay attention to.

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