Health benefits of Resveratrol supplements

Resveratrol supplements have been made famous after scientists revealed that the chemical derived majorly from Japanese knotweed contains anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. The substance is contained in red wine but has been subsequently used as a primary ingredient in nutritional supplements.

In addition to being an anti-inflammatory chemical, resveratrol has also been discovered to help in the reduction of the blood sugar level in the body even as it helps to normalize blood pressure.

Some of the other important benefits of resveratrol supplements are briefly highlighted below.

  • It helps the body to fight diseases that have been attributed to lifestyle. They include cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. When you take resveratrol supplements regularly especially while you are young, the risk of getting these diseases is reduced significantly.
  • Higher doses of resveratrol have been discovered to help counteract with death and damage of cells in the brain and the heart. This according to studies can contribute to increasing your life span.
  • It has been found to help protect the arteries. Resveratrol is also an effective antioxidant and inflammation damper.
  • While taking the supplement in high doses might help increase your life span, small doses of resveratrol supplements can have the same effect as a low-calorie diet.
  • Having the supplement is small quantity can also help to slow the aging process – women will be very interested in this.
  • The substance has been found to be anti-cancerous has it prevents the growth of the cells. It has also been found to be an effective prevention for breast cancer.
  • A sound and healthy cardiovascular system is probably the last of the major benefits derived from the consumption of resveratrol supplements.

Health experts have  suggested that the daily intake of the supplement should be between 30 and 50 mg. It is also worth noting that even as resveratrol has been found in most red wines, the nutritional supplements are better options.

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