Wonderful Öland

The amazing island of Öland is the smallest traditional province of Sweden. Öland is the second largest island of Sweden. It is located in the Baltic Sea and is connected to Kalmar and the famous Öland Bridge. The area is famous for its historical values, beautiful church and famous restaurants where you can enjoy the meals from around the world. Apart from Borgholm, the main attraction in Öland is the Långe Jan lighthouse.


The evidence of habitation in Öland goes all the way back to 6000BC. You will find many pieces of evidence of the habitats of the Iron Age, Viking age, and Stone Ships and much more. You might have come across the myth of the Viking-age silver and medallion. These antique pieces have been kept safe in the Öland Museum.


The cultural values of Öland go back to the Borgholm castle that was built in the arcane reign of Queen Hedvig. Visiting the area you might also come across many old windmills that were built in the 17th century has been preserved as the heritage of the area.

Some of the famous churches you will find here are:

Högby church:

This church was originally built in the middle age, 12th century but it was replaced with a modern structure in the 19th century. The church is famous for preserving the altarpieces if Mary and Saint Peter from the 15th century and the triumphal cross of circa 1500.

Gårdslösa church:

It is also a historic church from the 11th century and its legendary runestone is still present. The church has a unique interior and exterior structure. It is also famous as the wedding of Princess Margaretha and John Ambler was held here.


Some of the famous eating places you will find in Borgholm are:

  • Trädgårdsgatan 26
  • Slottshöjden
  • Marinan
  • Dockside strand hotel
  • Carlas café

Långe Jan

It is one of the famous and tallest lighthouses in Sweden. The Russian prisoner of war built the old chapel tower. After the construction period of two years, it was first lit on 1st November. You will defiantly love the summertime view from the top of the Långe Jan lighthouse.

If you are planning to visit Öland anytime soon make sure to visit all the historical, cultural sites and Långe Jan. Do not forget to try the famous dishes you will find in the restaurants of Borgholm. You won’t be disappointed.

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