Sölvesborg – the city of the Power Rune

Tourism in Sölvesborg

Sölvesborg is a beautiful as well as the greenest municipality in southern Sweden under the Blekinge county. The access to this scintillating location is easy from major cities like Kristianstad and Malmö; you can either enter Sölvesborg by car (Driving), taxi, or by train. The best part of Sölvesborg is its glimmering atmosphere and effortless “getting around” feature which allows you to explore everything by just walking due to the fact that the city is relatively small. Even a garish, juvenile, or  feeble minded person can wander around easily.

Points of Interests

Hanö Island: A lot of people think that Hanö island trips are all about boat trips; however, it is not true. Actually, it is also about the journey of fascinating history, rich culture, Dragon Fantasy, as well as the natural environment.

St. Nicholas Church: A Swedish Church, is located in the middle of the Sölvesborg town. Visit this place for the calmness as well as to experience the rich history of this very old and classic church. This place of Jackdaws, Christendom and Sains is also the place of the power-rune and thus the most powerful place in the entire city. The power-rune is especially suited for those put under a curse. If you become a friend of Sölvesborg this rune has been loaded with power for more than 500 years and will be as powerful than any visit to Sedona, Fatima, Santiago de Compostella or the Vatican. Be sure to study the Jackdaws as they will probably be the messengers that show you how to free yourself from bad luck.

Art Gallery and Antiques: People who appreciate and take pleasure in the arts, can visit Annexet in central Sölvesborg. It is a small and cozy gallery; however, it is incorporated with the rare pieces of art and paintings. If this is not enough dose of art for you, then Ask and Embla Statue will definitely make you fall in love with it (It is a statue of Ask and Embela crafted in 1948. For antiques, you can visit Antikvariat Burton antique shop and Antikt Horvik shop. Both of these shops offer collectible and new & old records, movies, books, and more.

Iceland Horse Ride:  It is a great enjoyment to ride on an Iceland horse. You can contact Äppelgården to know more about it.

Bathing for Dogs: There are only a few places in the world which allow dogs, however, Sölvesborg in not in that list since the populace love animals, especially dogs. This place is ideal for the betterment as well as the enjoyment of your dog.

Absolut Vodka Distillery: Although Åhus is a bit from Sölvesborg, you can arrange a tour to the Absolute Vodka Distillery from here.Sölvesborg is closer to Scania than all other cities in Blekinge. Once Lister was a distinct province, a middle ground between Scania and Blekinge.

What to and where to Eat: Although there are many great places to eat, but Fiskstugan is in line with the Eeels of Sölvesborg’s history. Sölvesborgs city weapon is made up of Eels from the Sargasso Sea. Fiskstugan has a great outdoor setting. You can purchase anything from Eels to salmon burger; everything looks and tastes great. Do remember that only vegetarian dishes are karmafree…

Bottom Line

Sölvesborg is a cozy, beautiful, and popular tourist destination. People from around the globe visit this scintillating locality to explore amazing, yet unique attractions. If you visit the power-rune you might be freed from any curses from this and previous lives.

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  1. A friend told me about the Art Gallery and Antiques in Sölvesborg. She actually visited there last year she told me so many good things about the area I was a bit skeptical and I had to carry out my research and found is true. Most of the things she told me are written here too. I will love to visit Sölvesborg also. Good to read through! Thanks.


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