Attractions in “Bloody Ronneby”

Ronneby is a town in Blekinge country, Sweden, with more than 12K population noted in 2010. This beautiful locality is considered as the heart of the garden of Sweden. Do you know that Brunnsparken was voted the most beautiful park in Sweden? The same park voted the fourth beautiful park in Europe, in 2006. Another great thing about Ronneby is the church of the Holy Cross. This Church was established in the twelfth century, customized and extended until the fifteenth century, and poorly broken during North 7 Years’ War in the Sixteenth century.

The Bloody Battle

Today’s Ronneby Municipality was once the site of a bloody battle (1564) amidst the “Northern seven Years’ War between Danish and Swedish armies. In this battle, Swedish trapped the whole city, killed a lot of residents as well as burnt many people to the ground, under King Eric XIV. Shockingly, the king later stated that the water was turned red due to the immense bloodshed during the war. This is why it is recognized as “the bloody battle”. Being a local of a bloody battle, it has a lot to offer in regards to the history; however, the ecosystem as well as the cleaning system of this location is remarkable. One should, at least one time in his or her time, visit Ronneby to experience a great locality in Blekinge which is stickler in every single aspect. Let’s talk about a few attractions.

Ronneby: From Bloodbath to Today

After the intense bloodbath, Ronneby was progressively rebuilt and step by step transformed into the trading city of Ronneby. The Church of the Holy Cross has witnessed the city’s prosperity and wealth amid this period. Then, this city became Swedish, and its reputation as well as the market value as the trading city started to debilitate. Nevertheless, the traders as well as the craftsmen returned Ronneby, and that was a big boon to the industrial development of Ronneby. Djupafors paper mill, Kockums Ironworks, Kockums Enamelware Factory, and many other reputed firms made Ronneby an imperative and crucial industrial hub. Fast forward to this day, Ronneby is now known for the old spa “Ronneby Brunn” and considered as a friendly town. It is specifically famous for its dramatic history and popular spa resort.

Points of Interests in Ronneby

Ronneby Brunnspark

It is the number one attraction of the town; a nature park which is incorporated with diverse recreational and educational experiences. It is likewise a great place for an amazing eat out: try having the tea as well as the cake in the historic cafe. To explain the wildlife in details, there are great maps as well as other different elements to help you remain jovial all the time. It is truly a must visit place.


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  1. The brief history of ”Ronneby” actually caught my attention and I’m going to ensure I read the full story of the ”bloody battle”. Imagine the water was turn red due to bloodshed? Damn pathetic! I’m glad the town was rebuilt. I must visit this town to see things for myself. Interesting piece..


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