The psychic Laura Day

Laura Day is an author of the famous bestseller book entitled ‘Practical Institution’. She was born in New York city on March 22, 1959. She is also an author of various other self-help books mainly revolving around intuition and life goal achievements which includes Practical Intuition, Practical Intuition for Success, Practical Intuition for Love, The Circle: How The Power of a Single Wish Can Change Your Life and Welcome To Your Crisis: How to Use the Power of Crisis to Create the Life You Want and etc (HuffPost Impact, 2011).

Laura believes that an individual may achieve their goals if they have strong determination to pursue it and continue to struggle for it. She also affirms that goal setting is an important aspect to achieve goal. Making efforts in the one direction keeps you self-directed and motivated to achievement. Laura’s this believe and understanding have been intellectual to many other readers  and authors. Author Deepak Chopra has also applaud Laura’s idea as brilliant and practical. Even many American and global readers have been following Laura and has buy her idea thoughtfully (HuffPost Impact, 2011).

Laura is not only a brilliant writer but now she also share awareness through media and lectures at CNN, Fox News, Good Morning America, The View and The Oprah Winfrey Show at USA and globally. In addition, Laura gives national and international lectures at universities on how your intuition can work best for you and for your success. Many celebrities follow up with the Laura Day and believe in the intuition that everybody has a strength to achieve goals. In addition she also gives financial advice to many people as an intuitionist. She advices many corporate consultant about expanding business with new strategies and innovation. She is the one who is fortune enough to advise more than 500 corporates business tycoons, wall street persons, and  Bollywood stars. For two decades, Laura taught in Esalen institute as business intuitionist. She has travelled around the world and have created a community of intuitionist, love and healing.

Laura is an author of the famous bestseller books. Her famous book entitled How to Rule theWorld from Your Couch, also explains that positive intuition and constituent hard work always pays off towards success.  Laura believes that an individual may achieve their goals if they have strong determination to pursue it and continue to struggle for it (HuffPost Impact, 2011). Laura is not only famous as a writer but as a psychic and lecturer around the world.



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