The hypnotist / psychologist Lee Pulos

Dr. Lee Pulos is a registered psychologist. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from the University of Denver (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018). He is a certified mental health trainer and educator. His specialty includes achieving peak performance, stress management counselor, personal development, and empowerment. He is also well-known for entrepreneur and best seller author of books named ‘Mentally fit forever’, ‘The biology of empowerment’, ‘The new technologies for immediate healing and vitality’, ‘The power of visualization’ are some of the famous books readers have applauded him from around the globe (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018).

Dr. Lee Pulos is not only a famous author but he has diverse work responsibilities ranging from giving lectures to the students at various universities and educational institutions to clinics for the coach in North America (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018). He runs much radio and television programs and quickly gained popularity among the general public of America. He is also a president of Canadian Society of Clinical Hypnosis (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018). He is a biology empowerment teacher at The Haven Charitable Foundation, Canada. He also works as a sports psychologist at the Angels Community Resource Centre. He also provides services as Chief Executive Officer at Lifelong communication limited.

Dr. Lee Pulos has been affiliated with various psychiatric and socio-psychology societies. He worked as a Clinical Assistant Professor Emeritus In the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia. He is also an Advisory Board Member of Canadian Association for Integrative and Energy Therapies and at Innersource (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018). He is a Registered Psychologist and certified for rendering Traumatic Stress Conciliations at American Board of Professional Psychology Institute (Nightingale-Conant Corporation, 2018).

 Dr. Lee Pulos believe that an individual has a power to change its thought process and can achieve happiness and prosperity in life. He affirms that traditional transformative beliefs are ways to acquire success. He highlights that if we want to acquire sustainable success then we should have to work on the cellular level to get permanent satisfaction (Gold Alliance Corporation, 2017).  He has launched a new technology named Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). This program encompasses various concerns like fear-free life, and about a life filled with health and vitality. His most valued book ‘The power of visualization’ has made a powerful impact on his clients. He theoretically categorized mind, body, and spirit connections with success and failures (Gold Alliance Corporation, 2017).

Dr. Lee Pulos is a registered clinical psychologist of Vancouver, Canada. He is certified mental health trainer and educator at almost around the world. He is a well-known author of books entitled as ‘Mentally fit forever’, ‘The biology of empowerment’, ‘The new technologies for immediate healing and vitality’, ‘The power of visualization’, and many more. He professionally associated with various scientific organizations and societies. Dr. Lee Pulos expertise varies from stress management to the power of visualization. We need such revolutionary minds that bring up innovation and technology to improve health and well- being.



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