DMAE for psychics

If you are an Indigo person you have probably tried a lot of supplements to deal with or help your higher faculties of intuition to come to life. DMAE is one of the more promising.

DMAE Improves memory

DMAE  is a compound that occurs in anchovies and sardines in high concentrations. Of course, small quantities of DMAE are also produced in the human brain. The health food stores sell it in the form of capsules to increase brain production. DMAE can play a role in the treatment of memory loss and the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. There are indications that it also plays a positive role in the impulsive and disruptive behavior caused by Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Drug manufacturers were interested in selling the product as a medicine for attention deficit disorders, after studies in the 1970s. The studies showed that Deanol, the chemical name of DMAE, reduced hyperactivity and improved concentration in school children with learning disabilities and behavioral problems. When other tests were considered too expensive, they were packaged as a dietary supplement, because this substance occurs naturally in fish.

However, DMAE might very well be the best cure for ADHD out there. If you have kids with tendencies to ADHD or actual ADHD maybe DMAE would benefit them greatly! Don’t give up your hope! Remember that the Law of Attraction works.

I personally use DMAE together with Resveratrol and it helps me focus.


Because DMAE promotes the production of brain chemicals that are important for short-term memory, concentration and learning ability, DMAE can help treat ADHD and other disorders of the brain and central nervous system. It would probably be wise to try out DMAE if you have Indigo Children or if you are an Indigo Adult. However, always use in consideration to other impulses from your higher self and from your occult studies. DMAE is not yet used by noetic scientists.

DMAE is sometimes called “cholinergic” because it is believed to increase the levels of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, one of the chemical cerebral cortex used in memory formation. Cholinergic drugs, such as tacrine (Cognex), are used to treat the dementia associated with Alzheimer’s disease. You can use DMAE together with Lecithin and S:t Johns Worth. Remember that too much DMAE and Lecithin can make you lethargic and depressed. So counter-use it with other drugs like caffeine to bet energy.

Cholinergic drugs are also sometimes prescribed to prevent debilitating movements caused by tardive dyskinesia, repeated involuntary movements, especially of the face, which may be associated with diseases such as Tourette’s syndrome and Huntington’s chorea.

There may be side-effects on any drug.

If you travel too far in the astral realms or into the aether DMAE might also ground you. It might be labeled an antipsychotic. It might help you establish balance between your daemon and your Eidolon.

Remember you are both the Daemon and the Eidolon even if you are not aware of this.

Marketers have sold DMAE pills and creams for everything from prolonging life and improving sports performance to trumpeting the aging of the skin of “liver spots”. However, there are no well-substantiated studies to support these claims.

DMAE can help in particular:

Improve Attention Deficit Illness, Impulsivity and Hyperactivity of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Although ADHD has long been recognized as a cause of disruptive behavior and learning difficulties in children of school age, doctors recognize it increasingly as a cause of adult problems. Evidence suggests that DMAE can help. Studies in children in the 1970s form the basis of DMAE’s role in the treatment of ADHD. In 1975, a study of 74 children with learning difficulties, including some with hyperactivity, found that DMAE was more effective than placebo. For three months, children with 500 mg DMAE, 40 mg of stimulant Ritalin (methylphenidate, the most commonly prescribed drug for ADHD) or placebo were treated. Those treated with DMAE or Ritalin showed objective improvements in concentration and ability to test while those taking placebo did not. In a double blind study from 1976, 50 hyperactive children aged 6 to 12 were examined, which would probably be diagnosed with ADHD in accordance with applicable standards. In 12 weeks, children who took 500 mg DMAE daily (300 mg in the morning and another 200 mg for lunch) improved behavioral improvements than those taking placebo. Two reviews of studies from the 1970s that examined the clinical effect of DMAE and ADHD treatments (including DMAE), but did not provide clear results with regard to efficacy in the treatment of ADHD. Since then, a little more research has been done.

Memory Enhancement

The potential memory enhancement effects of DMAE can help with the normal memory processes that occur during normal aging. Many nutritionists prescribe DMAE together with another memory enhancer, dietary phosphatidylcholine. Although serious studies are missing, some people who have tried DMAE report better memory (especially short-term memory) as well as better concentration, concentration, mental clarity and sleep.

Some studies also indicate short-term or workplace deficits, both in children and adults with ADHD. Therefore, some of the potential benefits of DMAE for ADHD may be due to its potential for memory expansion. Studies confirm this effect, but preliminary evidence in animals suggests a potential benefit. A 1983 study of mice found that cholinergic drugs, including DMAE, improved preservation of work memory during a test one week after treatment. Memory retention improved with increasing dose at optimal dose. And in 1995 another study in rats showed that they treated with DMAE showed improvement in work memory when navigating on a maze. More research is required in this area to determine the effects on humans.

DMAE and decreased dementia

Alzheimer’s disease.

The heavy and progressive memory loss of Alzheimer’s disease is due to partial loss of brain cells, acetylcholine, creating an important chemical messenger to improve communication between brain cells. Acetylcholine is essential for learning and memory. For these reasons, doctors routinely prescribe drugs that increase acetylcholine levels such as tacrine (Cognex), donepezil (Aricept), Rivasatigmine (Exelon) and galantamine (Reminyl). If you have Alzheimers in your family or want to be sure to avoid it, don’t forget to include DMAE in your diet. It might be a low cost for a high benefit. Alzheimer’s disease is one of the worst mental diseases there is. It’s terrible.

Bottom line: DMAE is a new hope for Indigo Children, Indigo Adults, psychics and alike.

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