Indigo Psychics

Indigo people and their psychic abilities

Indigo is a color which was defined and named by Isaac Newton, and the color falls between violet and blue. It is reported that due to its frequency, even people with best eyesight may have issue distinguishing it from either color.

The term “indigo” as it matches to psychic children favors to the life color of the aura that purportedly emanates around these youths. Many reports will say that indigo kids were born in bigger proportions since 1987. But we know that there have forever been indigo people, but in lower proportions. So these indigo children who are now adults, probably had the most hard time of all, because there were few others that they could identify with; or few teachers, adults, and others who understand them or know how to meet their requirements or accommodate them.

Indigo children can often have problem in conforming to disciplines and systems which our society deems “normal.” They are very sensitive, very gifted or talented; and some are even metaphysically inclined. All indigo children seem to be intelligent beyond their years. They have psychic or spiritual intelligence abilities. They are talented visionaries and daydreams. Many will explain them as being as “old souls”. They have been explained as having an inner reality detector. Their children are particularly compassionate and empathic and will go out of their way to support someone who is hurting.

Too many indigo kids are misdiagnosed as autistic or ADHD. The majority of these kids have acute diet and food sensitivities- mainly to food additives and processed foods. Indigo kids who are continually described medication (for such disorders as ADHD) lose their capabilities. Other indigo kids who have support or are around people who cannot talk with them or support them to cultivate their capabilities may also become dull or lose their capability. Some children are ridiculed and like other gifts children, will suppress their capabilities.

Teachers and parents may suffer problems with these children because of their very refined sensitive and emotional complexities which make them worry due to the average persons lack of knowledge and understanding of their reality. Indigo children need adults and parents to help them know they are OK. Likewise, Indigo adults need the same- mainly for those in the workplace. They also need the freedom to be unmanaged and creative.

These indigo children emerge to be capable to consciously link and talk somewhat on an energetic “telepathic grid”.  The apparently have also taken on the liability of assisting the rest of humanity in reaching the same stage of love awareness they themselves seem to feel.


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