Top Men Twitter Influencers


Not only women but there are also many popular men who are influencing peoples worldwide through social media. They are celebrities of twitter and have millions of followers. They are from the entertainment industry, fashion fields or many other important sectors of business. They share their experience through social media accounts for inspiring others. Their life teaches us the lessons of good and bad or we learn current news about new affairs happening around the world. So here we discuss some men Influencers on Twitter that have a bulk of fans from the world.

Justin Bieber

He is a well-known Pop star with 105 twitter followers on his account. He is the topper of our list because of his large number of influencer list. He is also active on Instagram and millions of his fans are following them on his social media accounts because of his popularity.

Barack Obama

Formal President of Toronto, United States Mr. Barack Obama is no more in the charge of presidential power. Despite this position in the political field he has a ton of Followers on Twitter and is the topmost influencer. He is inspiring people with his valuable thoughts and has 101 million followers on Twitter.

Justin Timberlake

He is a former member of NSync and then started his solo career as an actor. He comes in the list of top Twitter influencers because he has a large number of followers that is 65.5 million. He also has more than 49 million followers on Instagram because of his celebrity status and fame.

Kevin Hart

This man is a popular comedian who had worked too hard to get this fame. He built up a great social media status in which he has 35.5 million Twitter followers. His activeness on Instagram is also countable that reward him with 58 million fans on this social media account. He shares funny clips about the professional and personal life of his own.

LeBron James

He is a basketball player and active on Twitter with a huge number of followers. He shares serious thoughts that are enough to inspire someone.

Tim Ferris:

This man is known for his blog on twitter through which he provides valuable advice to his followers. He is the writer of “The Four-Hour Work Week” and many other NY times about self-help and productivity.

So these are some popular men influencers on Twitter which are considered as the top ones.

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