Top Media Channels on Twitter

With persons, there are also many media channels that are servicing people with the latest news and information. These channels are well known on TV as well as on social media sites such as Twitter. Each and every Channel has its own range of followers from all over the world. In this context, we introduce you with some popular Media Channels that are active on Twitter and counted as topmost among social media channels.


It is also abbreviated as @espn is a strong media channel active on Twitter from the year 2007. The medium has 33,904,538 followers on Twitter and is ranked on 41st position among all the twitter clients in the world.

Fox News

It is a news channel that is servicing with up to date news to the users on Twitter. It is also called @Fox News and active with a strong presence on social media account of twitter. The channel has 90% ranking in its strength and working from 2007. The number of followers of Fox news is 18,200,239 that give it a position of 109 on Twitter.


Its complete name is CNN en Espanol and also called @CNNEE. The channel is working on twitter form 2009 and has 80% ranking for its strength on social media. The channel has 16,806,367 followers on twitter who give it a rank of 129 among all the channels.


MTV is a well-known TV channel that is also called @MTV on Twitter. Channel’s Twitter strength is 70% from the year of its starting that is 2007. There are 15,657,021 people who are following MTV on Twitter and give it the 141 positions in the ranking.


It is also called @AIArabiya on its Twitter account and has 70% ranking for the strength of account. The channel carries 14,023,150 followers on Twitter who are responsible for placing it on the 173 ranking position on social media. The channel started working on Twitter in the year in 2010.


The name of Twitter account is @AJArabic that has a strong position on twitter with a 70% strength ranking. The channel collected 13,606,802 followers from the year 2007 tell now.


It is named as @RedeGlobo on Twitter and has a powerful presence with 70% ranking of its strength. The channel is in power from the year 2008 and on position 256 that is given by 11,642,540 followers on Twitter.

So these are the topmost media channel that are working strongly on twitter and has a huge popularity and a grand number of followers.

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