The biggest jackpot winners of MegaMillions

Let me ask you a quick question….”Do you believe in fairy-tale?” cause if you do, Megamillions might just be your fairy godmother. With Jackpots in the hundreds of millions, this fairy godmother has been around for a long time and is still changing lives. But don’t just take my word for it, jump into my time machine and lets go back in time to see the BIG jackpot winners in America.


March 2014 Megamillion Jackpot 414 Million dollars

Our first stop is at Florida on the 18th of March 2014. It looked like a normal day, but it’s not because history was about to be made and new multi-millioniars where about to emerge.

One of them was Raymond Moyer and Robyn Collier, a normal couple from Florida with the dreams of one day waking up super-rich. I know… I know it sounds all movie like (if that’s even a word) but check this out. Raymond and Robyn both went to their local  supermarket to get a couple of things but as luck would have it, they decided to buy a Mega Million Quick Pick that changed their lives forever. The ticket was among one of the two winners of the $414M Mega Millions jackpot.

The pair claimed their winnings in person, although the cheque was written out to the Cobie and Seamus Trust, as the couple chose to collect their prize by setting up a trust.

This saw the pair going home with a lump sum of $115.5 million in cash after taxes where deducted.

However, we know little to nothing about the second winning ticket except it was sold at Lady’s Liquors in La Plata, Maryland. The private Maryland winner wanted no media attention at all and was able to claim their winnings anonymously as Maryland state allows lottery winners to remain anonymous. The anonymous winner took the cash option of a one time payment also and went home with a lump sum of $76.4 million after tax deductions.

Wow!!.. Talk about a dream come true.


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December 2013 Megamillion jackpot price of $648M

The next on our list and the second biggest Mega Millions jackpot winners of all time was Ira Curry and Steve Tran, on the 17th of December 2013. The Mega Million jackpot price was worth about $648M, a land mark achievement.  Due to rule changes MegaMillions has seen a major boost in the growth of the jackpot winning price.

When Fairy Mother wanted it to Steve Tran become almost as rich as Steve Jobs and Ira Curry changed our way to look upon this Indian herbpot, Curry. Who have heard of a ricebowl woth 324 million dollars?

It was a very tense night as the jackpot winning ticket numbers 8, 14, 17, 20, 39 and Mega Ball 7 was won only after 21 consecutive rollovers. The 17th of December 2013 will not be forgotten in a long time.

The winner Ira Curry bought her ticket in Stone Mountain, Georgia. When asked how she came up with are lucky numbers she said that her family lucky number was the same as the Mega Ball. Well, number 7 is a common lucky number, some advice against using it, because so many do. They also advice against using family birthdays. This didn’t stop Ira Curry from choosing this route and who cares about what so called advisors tell you when you end up with a ricebown worth over 300 million dollars? I suppose MegaBall 7 and Powerball 7 should not be dismissed because a lot of player chose this number.

The second winning ticket was bought Santa Clara County. It was Lady Luck or Lady Fortuna apparently who helped Steve Tran win the grand jackpot. In an interview Steve said he bought the winning ticket from Jennifer’s Gift Shop in San Jose but almost lost it when not realising he had won, he tossed the winning ticket among his papers! (Lucky him he didn’t shred it or toss it to the wind). San Jose has several famous landmarks including the Rosicrucian Park which is the headquarters of the English Grand Lodge for the Americas of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis.

The two winners did come forward to claim their price and each earned $324,000,000 share of the pot, worth $173,819,742.50 before taxes. December 17th got itself two new multi-millionaires.


March 2012 Megamillion jackpot price of $656M

The Mega Millions rose to it’s highest on March 2012 causing the world to go on a crazy Mega Million ticket buying spree. Merle and Patricia Butler, The Three Amigos & Anonymous, where the owners of the 3 tickets that won the $656M Mega Million jackpot price on the 30th of March 2012.

One of these winners was from Kansas but remained anonymous as he claimed his share $218.6 million from the prize.

The second winners where from Maryland and also tried to pull the anonymous stunt but where quickly semi-identified by the lotto world. They were probably teachers, they were employees at a school in Milford Mill. They bought their ticket in a Service Shop in Milford Mill. One of them was a man. The store was probably close to Liberty Seafood. If this is true, then Voghankar might have been involved.

If Liberty Seafood was close by then this lottery syndicate in this unincorporated community in Baltimore County might have had Poseidon on its side. The restaurant in question is famous for it’s Blue Crab.

Merle and Patricia Butler from llinois had no choice than to come forward. Merle was a Vietnam vet who had worked with computers. Both Merle and Patricia was retired when they accepted the price. They did so in close alignment with the Andromeda Galaxy in mid april. They opted for the lump-sum of $111 million after taxes. With a share of the second largest lottery jackpot win ever recorded, the Butler’s retirement plans got a whole lot sweeter.

That is our count down for the biggest Mega Millions jackpot winners of all time. And despite the overwhelming statistical evidence that your chances of winning the lottery are depressingly small, you might just want to keep on playing because you never know which ticket might just end up being the winning ticket.


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