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Bloggers have been prominent in the era. This era is all about blogging and if you do well, you can earn a significant amount of money. Right from the sector of business to that of style, the bloggers are in every sector. There are some really great male bloggers who are taking over the internet with their skills. Undoubtedly, these are some of the really great ones. You can really try them and see if they can weave the magic on you too.

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Joel McLoughlin

This male bloggers from London is all over the talks of the town owing to his influential style. He is not only a blogger but a YouTuber as well. He is referred to as the monochromatic king of the generation owing to his dressing skills. He is the one who brings a great fusion from the urban clothes to the classic and making each look different from other. What he started in 2010 as a hobby, soon turned out to be business when he started being featured.


Julian Hernandez

The name may sound a little new, but all of us are aware of @MrJulls. Yes, he is the one. This stylish male blogger belongs from Stockholm. Over the time, he has been captivating the attention of the people owing to his different style. His style is urban, sharp and total cool. He has also worked with different great brands and is a complete inspiration for the trends today. You would not be disappointed if you want style tips and look up for his style.



Yet again, one more influential blogger and YouTuber from London, UK. Apart from posting for blogs, he also keeps the viewers updated with lookbook ideas. There is a whole range of ideas in his videos and he has been promoting different brands and trends over the time. He had been following different YouTubers and bloggers since his college days and eventually started up his own too which is quite successful today.


James Clo

This YouTuber and blogger haios from Cardiff and is one of the most influential bloggers. He has been a big name in the YouTube sector since a long time. His views get more than millions of views and he showcases whatever he buys so that the people get to know what is it. He even gives up some of the influential tips for dressing.


If you have been wanting to stand out of the crowd, owing to your style then these blogs can be of help to you.

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