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Blogging has turned out to be one of the most rapidly growing industries in the market. As a result, many people are taking blogging as the career option. Although it may take time, but once you become famous, you will be able to earn a significant amount of money. Mostly, females are entering into the market and dominating the world. Right from style to business, these females have been quite influential. Well, so here is a list of the highly earning female bloggers of all time.


Marie Forleo

She is no less than Oprah or Richard Branson. Marie, publishes her video under the name of Marie TV which could a wide range of topics. She has interviewed a number of big celebrity names. Marie’s blogs aim at uplifting the women in business. Her tagline completely reflects her passion. She completely makes sure that she not only wants the women to succeed but also to be happy and content.


Ali Brown

This lady is also known as ‘Entrepreneurial Guru for Women’. Thus, it clearly makes sense that she has been trying to uplift women in the business field. She is a business coach who has over million of followers. She has a list of podcast videos giving lessons and telling how to succeed. She is one of those big names in the female list that helps the women to succeed and become fascinating in the business.


Natalie MacNeil

This Emmy Awards winner is the one who uplifts the women to do good in their fields. She has over a million of users who has helped the women to grow. She started up with She Takes on the World giving out different business ideas to everyone. The way she has mentioned to follow is not only easy but more than the business successful tips. Alongwith living a healthy life, she guides on to follow the more results effectively.


Elizabeth Gilbert

If we are talking of highly influential female bloggers, we cannot miss out on the name, Elizabeth Gilbert. She is one of the most influential authors of 21st century. She has written the book, Eat, Pray, Love and big Magic. She has mentioned about creativity and is no less than inspiration for the entrepreneurs who are in constant search of the inspiration. Elizabeth runs a podcast referred to as big Magic. She brings up the hashtag and maintains the blog from time to time updating the people about the topics and ideas.

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