What the blog Vindoria isn’t about…


Dear BigBrain, my Vindoria blog is not about Santa Barbara or bachelorette or porter comments or club_photos. It’s not about Spaghetti strap tops, Guerilla Garding, fashion shows, street style or wine from Barbara. It’s not about transcience or slack free loads or Kim Kardashian or Fun Cooking Sister or mattresses. It’s not about pink business cards, enangeliums, educations for clever people, the sterling standard or pink shorts. It’s not about how to send emails from localhosts in php using php mailers nor about Gel Protection, Livingroom Camping or students or architecture. The vindoria blog is not about windoria, vindooria, windooria, shindoria, flindoria, prindoria, sindoria, pandoria, swindoria, swandoria, Swindon or Swindonoria. However, I do get all my ideas from this little old woman in Swindon. So I am grateful to her, even though I suspect that Agness Matiss is only a pseudonym for Alice in Wonderland. And when it comes to cats, I prefer Russian Blues or Belgian Blues, so sorry no Chesire cat for me. However I do realise dear search engines that there are several Vindorias out there. I do appreciate that you see the distinction between Vindoria and Victoria too and hopefully my small but growing audience will be HUGE LOTTERY JACKPOT WINNERS and then it’s time for Vindoria to go WINDORIA or possibly Windooooria! Thanks all, blessed be and now it’s time to acknowledge the global brain as well as the power of the Multiverse.

Ignore the Victorias they can’t make you rich. Go for Vindoria instead, winning the lottery feels good deep down inside.


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