Number 11 Strikes again – Twice

A Single Mother From North Carolina Wins The Prize

Marie Holmes was a Powerball Mega-million jackpot winner who stole the prize on the 11th of February, 2015.

She was a 27 year old single mother with four children who was living in a mobile home in Shallotte, North Carolina. The father of her children, Lamar McDow, was with her for two years because he was constantly involved in crimes and was always in and out of prison for this. She was a tough mom who really struggling day and night to provide for her kids. Marie was also working at Walmart and had some other side jobs she was doing too to be able provide well for her kids.

The Powerball winner from Shallotte in 2015 purchased the winning ticket with the lucky numbers: 11, 13, 25, 39, 54 and the Powerball 19 from a local convenient store in her hometown. As the winner she has the maximum of 5 months to claim her prize. Marie had to appear publicly despite knowing that the exposure to the media might upturn and disrupt her life but there in the North Carolina, winners are publicly exposed alongside with their details and the total sum of money that was won. When she discovered that she was the won holding the mega-million ticket the young lady of 27 nearly had a heart attack. If you’d win something this big wouldn’t you have an attack? But she never knew that winning something big could also bring some series of setbacks alongside.



When Marie went to claim her prize it came with two options, it was either she received installments of her $188 million over a period of 30 years or she could take a onetime payment of $127 million after tax. Like many of us would, she chose the option of taking $127 million with the mindset that she could make investments that generate more profit over the 30 years period. Marie planned on doing something really big with her prize but the saying that goes “More Money, More Problems” caught up with her.

Maries fell into dispute with her friend and pastor, Kelvin Mathews. This man was like a father figure to her. He gave her support and encouragement. Marie was known in the community to be very religious and a faithful churchgoer. But problems arose when Marie had promised the church and the community a donation of 10% of her winnings and couldn’t fulfill it. She made a donation of $680,000 but Pastor Kelvin Mathews saw that as an insult after knowing she had just won $127 million. He sued Marie, stating that she had verbally pledge $10 million to the church and he also added that he had gone ahead and made some financial investments based on her statement. Marie later came through on her word and invested the $10 million into her charitable organization called The Marie Holmes Foundation. Obviously this organization can have profound effect on the society in the long run. In Swedish Crowns donated is over 80 million this is more than 300 low paid workers make in a year.



The Powerball winner Marie Holmes life did turn a new leaf as she became a new money millionaire.  Her life after the win came with a lot of drama attached to it. She encountered many problems till the extent that her family turned against her and her boyfriend that she spent so much of her wealth on was driven back to jail.

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Marie Holmes is interesting on several levels. First of all – there is a double Eleven in play her. She won the price in the tropical sign of the Waterbearer Aquarius. The esoteric tradition is not about the actual stars, but the theory of the cycles; still the star ruling the win is the luckiest of the lucky: Sadalsuud. No doubt Djwhal Khul initiated 1919 was the master behind the powerball. Yet again the Snakebearer number 13 is involved in this big win as well as 39 the number of the astral realm of Oz.


The numbers 188 is yet again from a numberplate on a car I have driven so the butterfly is clearly at work here. The mantra used for a 188 million dollar win is the criminal sphere of Uggu Ozzh Kuud so the criminal aspect of this big win was highly expected. Uggu Ozzh Kuud is also involved in the criminal aspect of Uranus – like Somali pirates and people on the wrong side of the law. The number 127 is highly related to the lake of King Ring as well the Royal House of Sweden and the Goetic dog of Glasya-Labolas. When Gothenburg is involved in a big win in America generally the number 11 shows up. When fifth initiated Djwhal Khul is involved number 19 always shows up. These are the ways of the Butterfly.


The asteroid Holmes has also been invoked by a secret circle in Gothenburg, and the big win might be related to this ritual. Especially since the ritual was performed by the astral form of the Grand Tulku of Sweden.  Never underestimate 11, 39 and 19. These three numbers are very powerful. Leave them out on your own peril. Love the numbers and they will serve you well.

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