Number 11 – and number 33

Now let’s leave the Rosicrucian park in San José and head over to United Kingdoms were several orders of high importance is located. We will take a look ta number 11 again and how this number keeps coming up sharing big money all over the world. This time it took 26 million pounds and shared them among three lucky winners. Apart from the number 11 the numbers were: 3, 5, 25, 27 and 45. Among those numbers as we know the Pikenumber is 27 and Albert Pike was a famous freemason. The number 27 also has its deeproots in the Swedish Royal house. Especially it’s important for the future Queen Victoria. There were also some interesting Thunderball numbers: 13 and 16 where of course number 13 is the number of the Serpent Bearer and possibly the dwarfplanet Eris or even The Goblin.

On Birmingham Live it is claimed that Draw Machine Lancelot was used. However, if this story really relates to King Arthur and Merlin has to be questioned.

A lucky person from the middle of Europe won 144 million pounds in the region of Basel. Apart from 7 and 17 and 37 (Triple 7) the fantastic number 11 showed up as the lucky star.
A very interesting line of numbers including 26, 27, 46 and 47 led to two winners of 33 million pounds each. 33 of course is the number of the highest degree of freemasonry known to man. This win hit the news 9th and 10th January of 2016.

According to my websearch the names of the winners of the 33 million pounds should be David and Carol Martin.

Another big winner from 2004 (14th of July) was Iris Jeffrey who got her check from the Bank of Scotland.

You should always play responsibly, but you should also play to win. Number 11 and 13 are great powerballs to combine with numbers like the freemason number 33. If you feel that the numbers are coming up soon, even or within 10 drawings activate your game now and don’t miss out on the money. While Lottery Betting has it’s advantages a real coupon is the best way to go. 



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