Indiana Claims the Prize of $222 Million Jackpot

Are you familiar with lottery? Have you ever imagined yourself winning a lottery but you always give up on the dream because you feel it may never get to your turn?   Well do not lose hope, everything is a matter of time. If you are one of those who think lottery is a scam or fraud, then you must be mistaken because a lot of people in the world have seen their lives changed for the better after winning a multi-million dollar lottery. This is reality and a typical example is the 2011 Powerball lottery winners, Todd Reardon and Darin Fox.

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On 6th of April 2011, two men from Jeffersonville in Indiana won the Powerball lottery jackpot of $221,700,000. It was a life changing experience for both of them, they couldn’t believe what happened. These are two friends who work together as welders in the same company for a period of eight years. They only came up with the idea of playing lottery three years before they won the jackpot prize of a lifetime.



Darin Fox is a 32-year old man from Clarksville, single and stays in his parent’s house while Todd Reardon is a 38-year old man from Jeffersonville, married to tiffany for 12 years and the pair has produced an 11- year old son. Fox has been looking to secure a good job that pays well so that he could move out of his parent’s house, he found a job in the same company where Todd was working as a welder and since then the two have became close friends.  At work, they were practically doing everything together. There was no Todd without Fox and no Fox without Todd.

During the summer breaks, Todd and Fox go out on hunting sessions in the forest as a form of exercise. Fox’s mom is always against it because she fears for her son who is yet to marry and bore her a grandchild but he didn’t listen but continued this hunt with his friend.   It was until 2008 that the thought of trying out lotteries came to the minds of Todd and Fox. The pair decided to invest their money in playing Powerball lottery and never gave up even if they kept on losing. They have always dreamed that one day they will win millions from the lottery and change their lives forever and their prayers came to pass in 2011.

On that faithful day, Fox set out to do usual and continue with their plan of buying four Hoosier lotto tickets. But on getting to circle k convenience store, he discovered something else. He found out that the Powerball draw for that night was worth over $200 million, then he decided to purchase two quick picks Powerball tickets as well as two quick picks Hoosier lotto tickets the same day and this was the moment that transformed the lives of Todd and Fox.

The next morning, Fox was preparing to do his daily duties and go to work before deciding to check the tickets he purchased last night on the internet. Behold, it was his numbers that popped up as the Powerball results, the numbers were 10-18-41-55-56 and Powerball 15. He was so shocked he continued checking the numbers again and also had a heart attack. His parents were ready to call emergency services (911) because their son was not breathing. He immediately called Todd and gave him the news but Todd didn’t believe and drove to Fox’s house to see for himself.



They didn’t go to claim the money until they were accompanied by friends, family, lawyers and accountants. They were offered an option of receiving $221.7 million as a 30 year annuity or in a lump sum of $111.7 million (before taxes).  They opted to take the current cash value and each received $40 million ($40,002,146.87) after taxes. To the men, this was the best for them and on that day henceforth, they considered themselves retired welders.

Darin was happy he could now buy his parents a house and get one of his one. He also planned on buying his mom a convertible and a truck for himself. On the other hand, Todd wants to buy his wife a new Jeep Wrangler Black Ops special edition and also a mountain bike for his son. The pair agreed on purchasing land where they will be able to continue their hunting quests together with Todd’s son. Since then, the lives of Todd and Fox changed for good.

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