Lottery Winner Eddie Nabors

There are several big lottery winners in Georgia. Lottery prizes changed their life, and almost every winner shared their success stories. One of the biggest lottery winners is Ed Nabors. He won and claimed $390 million as a co-winner with his sister Becky Dunlap, and brother-in-law David Dunlap. The winning numbers were announced in New York City’s Times Square.

Eddie Nabors is a 52 years old truck driver from Georgia. He purchased his ticket from a convenience store in Dalton, the same store where he buys his weekly cup of coffee,  near a carpet mill run by his employer, Mohawk Industries. He claimed half of the record $390 million Mega Millions jackpot oi March 2007.

After winning the prize, he was feeling numb. Probably you would be as well after winning $116.5 million. He said he didn’t know he had won until 9 a.m. which is about 10 hours after the numbers were announced. Later his co-workers told him that someone bought the winning ticket in Dalton.

When his mother Doris Nabors came to know about the lottery prize, she explained that Eddie was shaking very hard. He was shaking so much that he was sent home from work. The shock extended to the closest members in the family.

Among two available options Mr Nabors went with the cash lump-sum. This amounted to almost 117 million dollars. Eddie Nabors received more than $80 million after cutting of the taxes. He said he choses a cash lump-sum option because he wanted to buy a home for his daughter. The winning numbers were 16-22-29-39-42, with the Mega Ball 20. The odds of hitting the winning combination was 1 in 176 million.

Eddie loves fishing. After the jackpot triump he will spend more time on 52, of Rocky Face, Ga., about 90 miles north of Atlanta. He was going to do a lot of fishing he told the newspapers.

Another pair of great winners of the big lottery prize 6th of March was the couple Elaine and Harold Messner. They felt very fortunate. They looked upon their lottery jackpot winnings as a blessing.

Harold Messner was 57 years old when he won the Jackpot. He worked as a general contractor. He purchased his winning ticket at a liquor store in Cape May County near his residence. Mr Messner said that he randomly picked the tickets and when the results were presented he couldn’t sleep. He had to double-check his ticket again and again. Finally he called his wife with the good news. Elaine and Harold also received almost 117 million dollars before taxes just like Eddie Nabors. It was a split pot.

The couple said they would spend a portion of the prize on their retirement. 16-22-29-39-42, with the Mega Ball 20 thus created two big winners. 

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