Canadian Lottery Jackpot Winners

Money has always had a positive impact on the life of many. Some have been able to get out of their hard luck owing to money. But earning money is difficult, especially when you’re in need of big sum of money. Money is the only factor that can change lives in a fraction of seconds without even the need of disappointing anyone. Moreover, free and easy money does not come to everyone.

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All of us have got to work hard so that we can save it up. But, in some cases easy money does come and that is through lottery jackpots. You should once try out your luck in the game and see if you’re one of those who can get their hands on Greta money. Right from Play Mega Millions to Powerball and Euromillions, you can get access to heavy sum of money. Some of the greatest wins of the Canadian Lottery Jackpot include the following:

Gerald Muswagon

Gerald Muswagon was one of the first person in Canada to have won a lottery of $10 million. He purchased the tickets in 1988, for the Super 7 jackpot and Rose to overnight fame. Back in 1988, such amount of money was a great matter of fact for many and he thus went on spending the money in a lavish lifestyle.

Allen and Violet Large

Another major win for lottery in Canada was recorded in 2009, when a couple went up to winning $11 million. These people were generous enough as they donated most of their money to charity. However, the good deeds weren’t necessarily supposed to be helpful for them as they were conned a lot.

Sharon Tirabassi

Canada also saw a major win in the lottery jackpots when she won $10.6 million. She had purchased the tickets from Ontario and like Muswagon, she too went on spending the money on living a lavish lifestyle. In the end, she did not know what to do and had lost all the money.

Olga Beno

Olga Beno ended up winning major price. What she had saw as a dream came true after 30 years. Another major win was recorded in December 2017, when Olga won a prize amount of $5 million. She stuck to playing the game for a long time and eventually won it.

There are several winners who have recorded their win as a major one. Undoubtedly, all these have got the tables turned and are some of the best wins.

Good luck in all your games!

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