John Long

John “Jack” Long scores big on Powerball

On the July 19th 2014, which happened to be a Saturday, a Powerball draw took place and confirmed that a person had surely picked the ticket with the lucky numbers on it which will provide access to the $60 million Powerball Mega-Jackpot prize. The winner arose from Fontana (a city nestled in San Bernardino), California. The person who won the prize was a sick man named Jack Long. Jack was a 76 years old man who had been diagnosed with a lung disease, a condition in which excessive amount of heat puts his life at risk.

For Long to avoid getting his health condition worse he had to carry along with himan oxygen tank which he used to keep his body at a cool state because heat would put his life at risk. Keeping his body cool was his top priority, so on the day he secured his winning ticket, he went into Cardenas Market in Fontana,with one goal in mind and that was to buy his favorite sugar-free Popsicle that did help him overcome his internal heat. After getting his Popsicle, he suddenly felt the urge of getting one Mega Millions and a SuperLottoPlus ticket which was something that this man hadn’t done in very long time.

Some days later, that a friend of his told him what was aired on the radio.  A local Cardenas store had sold the winning ticket that was worth $60 millions. It occurred to him that he had gotten lottery tickets some days ago. He made up his mind: He was going to check the lottery tickets the very next time he went to buy popsicles. Later that day, John “Jack” Long got back to his home. He went straight to the pants where he left his lottery tickets. He calmly took out his tickets and checked them. To his surprise he saw the numbers 10, 53, 17, 25, 45, and the Powerball 09 boldly written on his ticket. These were the winning numbers.

Long said that he could still believe that this kind of experience would get to him in his lifetime. He just kept staringand checking his ticket over and over again just to make sure that his wasn’tjust getting over-excited for no reason. The prize is made entitled Jack Longto being the Biggest Powerball winner in the San Bernardino County’s history.The odd of the winning was 1 in 175 million. He later chose the option oftaking the lump sum of $35 million before the state took its share in taxes.

Long was described to be a very humble andsimple man who had made up his mind to help a few local organizations and alsowants to get his two lovely daughters that live close to him SUV’s, no fancyLexus and stuff has said but something plain and economical. He didn’t as wellchange his house or car because he loved them just the way they were. Long wasa simple old man with a whole lot of money to just get himself more Popsicles.

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