Do you want your own hotel?

No problems, if you win the lottery you can buy it real soon. 

Want to build your own hotel? Easy, if you win the lottery you can build several hotels all over the world. You can OWN them, not just visit them. Seriously, why hire a room in a hotell when you can own the entire hotell for life? It’s much easier than you think, first learn the English language than find out how to win the American Lotteries. Two steps, but both will have to be taken. If you already know English, then you only have one step left: To actually win the Lottery! Take the next step today!

I’m going to do the best to help you with a positive frame of mind, but be sure to read my disclaimers and take repsonsibility for your own actions and plays. You are accountable for all your wins and losses. 

I’ve got news for you. You can build your own hotel. God have given you the permission to have whatever you want. You can have your own hotel. You can have your own mansion. God wants you to have whatever you want to have. He’s the God of more than enough. Let’s walk over to the land of the pilgrims – United States of America. These good fellows that once colonised a “new” continent speak the same language as in at least two other prominent countries: English! Yes, English, that’s what they speak in America. English is not only spoken in the United States of America, but in United Kingdom, Canada and Australia as well. With all due respect to New Zealand and small islands all over the globe where people also speak English. So please brush up on your English enough to understand how to actually play and win American lotteries. It’s much easier than you think. 

Have you read history? Do you know of the RedEnsign and the British Empire? The remnants of the British Empire is still strong and is situated in the city that was founded by Julius Caesar himself. As a Scandinavian I must point out that London was named after Ragnar Lodbrok. I do leave it to the historians to find out how much Ragnar really transformed London – let’s be honest and admit that even if London is a cooperation between Julius and Ragnar there are a number of other people that have created the british society we see today. Let’s not forget Winston Churchill, Thatcher, Queen Elisabeth and Tony Blair. Still, the national lottery in the United Kingdom pales in comparison with the American Mega-games. Playing and winning lotteries in United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and New Zealand is quite okay, you can actually sign up through the banners on the Vindoria websites. I would recommend playing the American lotteries.

First of all, in my dreams Powerball alwayscomes out on top. Reading about Powerball on and then winning it pops up often when I sleep. I’m really happy if this dream turns out to be true. My banners only leads to actual tickets so there will be no insurance issues like on other sites. Also there’s something not quite clean about betting on the lottery instead of actually playing it. For one thing playing with real coupons is safer. If you play for a minor player without actual tickets, please explain where they should get the money from? Be careful to play from sites with low domain authority… Do these people show proof of actual tickets? How are you going to collect the prize without an actual ticket? What kind of insurance company will help you if you don’t have an actual ticket? 

If you came here with the dream of buying or building a hotel then go ahead and place your bet, but before you do let’s be humble and fearful for the most high God and realise that you can only win by his grace. Please consider to ask for God’s favors in Jesus name and don’t forget to pay God back. Many lottery winners donate to their local church. In my opinion if you play over the net you are not restricted to pay your local church, but can pay the church or mosque of your choice. In my opinion Christians and muslims all serve the same God, as far as I know Allah is simply Arabic for God.

There are a few other things you should knowbefore winning the lottery, but don’t delay. Remember whenever you put a wagerin good faith this comes back to you. Despite Richard Wahl won at his secondattempt, most of us will have to play the lottery for years before the big onescome. The more you delay the more you have to wait before buying that hotel ormansion of yours. Relase your inner trixter and use the luck of small greengoblin-like men like super-lottery-star Raymond Buxton. You can be a star justlike Maureen Smith, Paul White, Louise White and John Long. You can do it like the Smith-family, like Ms West from Iowa, like Gloria in Florida. If you have persistence the best way is to play every drawing including Freaky Fridays when Mega Millions heat things up. 

Start scooping in small cash-prizes now! You can win Tuesdays and Fridays on MegaMillions and Wednesdays and Saturdays on Powerball. You have the powers inside you and don’t forget to buy some extratickets on whatever lottery that feels right. Most of the time the winnings come from sources you least expect. There are tons of stories of people who winmoney from playing “the wrong” lottery. Did you get a fortune cookie lately? Play the numbers. There are tons of stories out there where people won big amounts on this simple strategy. If you don’t have any ideas let the random number do their magic. If the Universe wants you to be rich you will be rich.

AND I got the lucky banners for the big lottos.  Thanks to a special agreement with TheLotter all my banners are coded with a super-lucky number: 11177 – This is one of the luckiest combination you’ll ever likely to find. Triple 1:s and double 7. If that’s not a lucky then I am Santa Claus… I’ve been waiting my entire life for a number like that and chances are you have to. 11 and 7 are the luckiest numbers on the planet! The trams outside my house are numbered 11 and 7 as well! 


It will take some time to buy a new hotel and even more to build one. However, winning the lottery can be done in less than aweek. So, even if you live outside the United States you can play in the Americanlotteries. USA is strong enough to take it,especially since the lottery is a viable businessmodel. The lottery will alsomake money when you play!

Titheing can come later. Play today. Go offical, and play on the market leader. It’s the only lottery site you ever need. It’s the best, by far. I’ve checked them all and The Lotter has no real challenger. It’s by far the best you can choose. Besides having the feeling and conviction you will win, stay grounded and read the disclaimers of the Vindoria Blog. Ultimately you take the sole responsibility for all your gambles. You cannot win over random events without luck! 

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