Tokensniffers and Honeypot Checkers

I have bought my fair share of rugpulls on Binance Smart Chain – and when you do you feel like you are on a darknet called the Binance Scam Chain.

The painful process of not being able to sell your tokens for them is sometimes called a rugpull, but the sad fact is that you have been caught by a honeypot…

The amount of scams, fakes and bad projects in crypto are not good for the business. Crypto needs to be cleaner and PoorQuack does help with that with their Token Sniffer and their Honeypot checker.

These two handy tools had major impact when it comes to my trusting the PoorQuack Team.

They also have a so called FOMO Sniper you only can use when you have 1000 dollars of value of Poor Quack Token.

In the future you might be required to hold a certain value of Poor Quack Tokens to be able to use the Token Sniffer and or the Honeypot Checker, but for the moment they are both free.

However, there is a principle of reciprocity that will help Poor Quack community. They give away services for free and as a token of good will – many people will buy some tokens because they appreciate the service of the Token Sniffer and the Honeypot Checker.

It also gives a lot of credibility to the team.

Most memetokens are not serious at all and too many of them are outright scams.

You will find the Token Sniffer and HoneyPotChecker services on

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