PoorQuack recent news update

PoorQuack recently got a smart contract audit made, a security audit by Soken. Both the standard audit and the comprehensive audit were made and the team was KYC:d and doxxed. Soken Team gave PoorQuack an Anti-Fraud certification.

This lessens the risks of anything bad happening to your investment in PoorQuack.
Poor has also been offically listed on BSCSCAN with logo and social media.

Recently PoorQuack managed to be paid back their fee from Cryptopromoter Cryptogems555. Cryptogems555 was honest enough to pay back the fee when PoorQuack was not satisfied with the promotion they had paid 2.5 BNB for.

Constantine a prominent member of PoorQuacks Telegram Community and PoorQuackArmy wrote the following in the Telegram group:

“The ‘influencers’ in crypto are nothing more than sales people. They try to sell your token to investors.”

Constantine suggested that the promoters should work for provision, for the amount of buy volume they bring in.

The PoorQuack Community are currently awaiting the Certik audit.

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