The 12th planet theory

The Twelth Planet theory by Zecharia Sitchin

Zecharia Sitchin is an Azerbaijan-born American author.  He earned a degree in economics from The University of London. While working as an executive member of the shipping company, he visited many archaeological sites. He taught himself Sumerian cuneiform scripture. He is also a famous author for his publication named ‘The 12th Planet and its sequels’. This book put forth the idea about the ancient human history and the Mesopotamian iconography and symbolism. He purposed that there is the twelfths undiscovered planet like Neptune that has a widespread elliptical orbit which appears in our solar system roughly after every 3600 years. He named this planet as Nibiru which was claimed by Sitchin that this name is drive by the Sumerians‘ Gods.

Zecharia Sitchin put forward the idea that the earth comes into existence by the collision of the planets between Nibiru and Tiamat (a planet once situated between Mars and Jupiter). Sitchin believes that once Nibiru was the twelfth planet and the home of the technological advance human-like extraterrestrial race which are called as the Anunnaki in Sumerian myth. Sitchin wrote that Anunnaki race came into existence after the formation of Nibiru planet. They came on this planet for the search of minerals particularly gold which is found presently in African regions probably 450,000 years ago. They have their different Gods for food, water, human culture, and winds. Sitchin believes that his researches evidence is also described in the biblical literature. Sitchin books are been sold worldwide in 25 languages and many cultures have found a similar basis for existence. His influence has spread worldwide in all walks of lives from publishing book to a making-of movie and video game. His frequent and influential appearance on the Coast to Coast AM radio show, he was then awarded a lifetime achievement award.

Sitchin work has been gone through many criticisms of that era. Initially, he publishes a book which mainly comprises of Sumerian language. Many non-experts are unable to translate and interpret the scripture. Secondly, William Irwin Thompson has made critic on Sitchin work with literalism. In addition, C. Leroy Ellenberger has also critiqued Sitchin work for the existing story of the earth through collisions.

All in all, Zecharia Sitchin was an Azerbaijan-born American author. He is a famous author for his publication named ‘The 12th Planet and its sequels’. This book put forth the idea about the ancient human history and the Mesopotamian iconography and symbolism. His work has formed basis for the understanding of the existence of earth notion. Although, his work has been criticized by many other astrologist and researchers later. Many of his followers still believe in the notion of Sitchin theory. He has been awarded a lifetime achievement award for his theory.



  1. The 12th Planet, Z. Sitchin, 1976. Paperback edition published by Avon. The work in question.
  2. The Sumerians, C.L. Woolley, 1929. Published by AMS Press, New York. One of the first authoritative works on the subject, widely quoted by others (although no doubt considered dated now).
  3. The Sumerians, Their History Culture and Character, S.N. Kramer, 1971. Paperback edition by University of Chicago Press. Used as a textbook by some universities.


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