Health benefits of sauna and hot baths

A sauna or sudatory is a small room that is designed to experience dry or wet heat session. It was originated in Finland and sometimes called Finish steam bath. In this bath, steam is provided by water thrown on hot stones for inducing sweating. Sweating is an urge that has a long history in humankind. The Mayans of Central America used sweat houses for religious ceremonies and good health about 3,000 years ago. In almost every culture, there are similar types of bathing systems where they use heat for relaxation. You can take an example from Roman baths, modern Turkish steam baths, and trendy American hot tubs. Nowadays Sauna or hot bath has become very popular because of its positive impact on your body and mind. Over one million in the United States are using the sauna. In recent years, medical science reveals that sauna, hot bath and hot Jacuzzi can trigger heat shock proteins in our body that makes us healthy and heals even cancer diseases.

The sauna can burn calories and can normalize the insulin level:

 Recent researches about Sauna have confirmed that your blood sugar level decreases when your body temperature is raised in the hot bath. In the same way, you can burn calories more by taking hot bath or sauna after a workout or your regular exercises. Physiologist Steve Faulkner, PhD conducted an experiment about the issue and monitored the calories bur and glucose level of two groups: one took the hot bath, and another group did one hour exercise. And the research reveals:

“One of the first things that we were looking at is the energy expenditure while you’re in the bath and what we found was an 80% increase in energy expenditure just as a result of sitting in the bath for the course of an hour.”

They also found that riding the bike burned 630 calories and the hot bath burned 140 calories in an hour.

Then about the insulin level experiment, there were two groups where the participants ate a meal of similar composition a couple of hours after their hot bath and after exercising for an hour. Steve expressed the result:

“What we found was that peak glucose was actually quite a bit lower after the bath, compared with exercise, which was completely unexpected… .(the) post-meal glucose levels are, on average, 10% lower after the baths than after the exercise.”

Steve thinks that the reason of these incidents is for the release of heat shock proteins that respond to heat.

Sauna boosts your immune systems:

Infrared saunas can raise your core body temperature that helps you to keep the immune system active.


Sitting in a sauna for 20-30 minutes can stimulate the natural production of growth hormone that enhances cellular regeneration and brings longevity. After the age of 30, our body produces less growth hormone. So, a bath in the sauna can be an excellent choice for you if you want to live long, healthy and strong.

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines:

As mentioned earlier, hot bath or sauna can trigger heat shock proteins. Dr Patrick holds the view that heat shock proteins can fight against free radicals by supporting the ubiquitous antioxidant, glutathione.

Enhance blood circulation:

One of the significant health benefits of sauna and hot baths is it can increase the blood circulation.  Hot bath ensures delivery of nutrients and oxygen to our cells and helps to remove toxins or waste products such as lactic acid and carbon dioxide.

Weight loss:

Sweating is one of the secrets that make sauna popular. Because of excessive sweating, while sitting in a sauna, you can lose your weight and burn calories.

Instead of these health benefits, Sauna can even calm your mind and heal your stress. It is also a source of recreation and relaxation. So, try it and enjoy the healing power of sauna.

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