Health Benefits of Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a natural phenol. It is a stillbenoid that is a type of a phenol. It is a substance that is produced by a plant when the plant is attacked by any pathogenic organisms such as bacteria and virus. It is also called as phytoalexin in response to an injury caused by the pathogenic organism. It is also obtained from several fruits and vegetables. It is obtained from the skin of grapes, mulberries, blueberries, and raspberries. There are so many health benefits of resveratrol and it is used for the treatment of different diseases for centuries.

Protect stomach from acidic attacks

The human food consists of several types of ingredients and all these items contain some acidic content. After the intake of food, the acid content of food can damage the wall of the stomach. Other than food, the walls of the stomach also release acid. The use of resveratrol protects the walls of the stomach being damaged by the acids. The stomach walls help in the proper digestion of food. If the walls are damaged, the whole digestive system can be destroyed. Resveratrol keep the stomach walls safe from injuries and attacks of the acids.


Resveratrol plays another very important role in human health. It decreases the level of hormone hat increases stress and anxiety. The intake of resveratrol to overcome the stress is proved and suggested medically. It prevents the premature aging of the cells that lead to stress. The oxidative stress that is caused by the premature aging of cells can also be controlled by using resveratrol. It increases the flow of blood towards the brain and reduces the depression. Less flow towards the brain causes stress. When blood flow towards the brain is normal, stress level is also less.

High blood pressure

The most important health benefit of resveratrol is that it reduces the high blood pressure. The use of resveratrol, these days is common all around the globe because high blood pressure is a very common health issue these days. It decreases the sodium content in the blood and decreases the high blood pressure. It plays a great role in both the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. It decreases the blood pressure and also helps the body against cardiac attacks. The decreased blood pressure rescues the heart attacks.

Prevent cancer

Resveratrol is also used to suppress the cancer causing cells in the human body. It protects the cells of the body from cancer cells by killing these cells. It also prevents the body from the replication of the cancer cells and smooths the death of the cancer causing cells.

Improve mental function

One more outstanding health benefit of resveratrol is that cognitive function improvement. It enhances the memory and improves the mental functions. The intake of resveratrol is essential from that of health benefit because decreased mental performance can lead to so many other health issues. The use of resveratrol is now suggested by the psychologists.

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